Make Your Modern Classic Chairs A Little More Comfy With Parkhaus Pads

As a project, Parkhaus of Germany, known for their wool products, created over 80 seat pads for 100 classic modern chair designs from Eames to Alto.

Whether it was as unusual a shape as the Sori Yanagi's 1954 Butterfly stool or as simple a chair as the Emeco Navy aluminum chair, they created upholstered 100% wool non-glide pads for them. They named the project SUIT FOR 100 CLASSICS.

above: the Sori Yanagi butterfly stool with Parkhaus pad.

above: Emeco's Navy chair by Philipe Starck with Parkhaus pad

During the last 12 months since the first launch of their SUIT FOR 100 CLASSICS, Parkhaus developed over 80 seat pads for classic chairs that you can purchase in either one of two versions—a 5 mm wool felt pad or a 16 mm layered pad (3 mm wool felt sandwiched around a 10 mm foam inlet) for extra cushioning.

Surprisingly, the pads don't detract too much for the lines of these beautiful chairs. It may seem as though it's a shame to alter some of these classic designs, but the Parkhaus pads stay true to the shape and form of the original chairs, maintaining their design appeal, while adding a bit of comfort. With one stand-out exception. The wool suit for Pastoe wire chair by Cees Braakmann is quite unusual and unlike the rest of the collection:

above: the anomaly; the woven wool suit for the Pastoe Wire chair

You can find a range of models in brand new designs as well as seat pads for timeless vintage chairs of the last century. In cooperation with different design offices they expect to have the entire collection from SUIT FOR 100 CLASSICS on the market within the next year.

above: Philippe Starck's Ghost chair with Parkhaus pad.

In addition to protecting the chairs from scratches and wear, they offer comfort for chairs that aren't always so cozy, like the Bertoia wire chairs or the sometimes slippery Arne Jacobsen 7 chair, shown below with Parkhaus pads:

All the Chair Suits available for order as of now:

Available colors for the wool suits and pads:

Contact & order information:
Parkhaus Showroom
Schroederstrasse 13
10115 Berlin - Germany
phone +49 30 44012460
fax +49 30 44012461

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