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Nasty Teacups & Erotic Homewares From Outlandish Creations

Outlandish Creations of the UK create ceramic and porcelain pieces for the home that are a tongue in cheek twist on tradition and eroticism. All the pieces are original and hand crafted. Some can be found at various boutiques and others can be commissioned directly from the artist.

Here are some of her more popular pieces:

The 'Salt & Pepper Cockshakers' are a tongue in cheek poke at the discerning entertainer. Beautifully made in slip cast stoneware these pieces are practical as well as being beautiful to the touch.

Buy the cockshakers here.

Tea Cups:

The 'Tea Cup & Saucer' is an antithesis to the typical 'tea set'. The cups and saucers have been slip cast, and the pictures or rude lettering has been added on in decal transfer after the second firing.

Cock n' Balls tea cup:

Whore and Wanker cups:

Bitch and Wanker tea cup set:

Buy the 'bitch' and 'wanker' tea cup set here.

Porcelain Riding Crops:

Riding crops signify dominance and submission, a secretive glance at a masochistic world, which intrigues as much as it entices. Katie is bringing to the foreground an unabashedly flirty, delicate and entirely coquettish object. In its fragility, being made in porcelain, it is impractical to use. One strike will break the crop.

Katie of Outlandish Creations is a designer and maker of high quality porcelain and stoneware ceramic slip cast items including lighting and ‘kitchenalia’. Katie's work has been created from conception to production and are unique one-off pieces. Her work is produced in Troubadour Studios, Falmouth under the ‘Outlandish Creations’ registered brand name and can be found at such erotic homewares shops as Impure Art and Coco de Mer

Please contact Katie if you wish to discuss a commission. All items can be made to order specifically to your technical requirements.

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