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The Art of Chocolate. Oops, Reverse That.

above: chococlate sculpture by Paul Wayne Gregory

Not many things are more appealing to me than art or chocolate. So, the combination of the two is something I was destined to blog about. Whether it's replications of historical sculpture, of everyday objects or modern abstract creations crafted with actual, edible chocolate, here are some you can admire, some you can order and all you can eat.

Custom Chocolate Sculptures by Paul Wayne Gregory:

Inquire about them here. (special thanks to Betsy Wills for this one)

Chocolate sculptures by frenchman Patrick Roger.
Below the chocolatier with "Harold":

and his chocolate penguins:

Chocolate City:

created by Naoko Tone and Atsuyoshi Iijima from the Chocolate exhibition at the 21_21 Design Sight space in Tokyo.

Canadian-born Cosimo Cavallaro created this controversial life sized chocolate Jesus in 2005:

And followed it up with more Chocolate Saints in 2007:

And here's artist George Heslop with his life-sized chocolate Jesus on the Cross (this one's not edible, folks):

Beautiful Valentine's sculptures in chocolate by Joseph Schmidt:

the above sculptures are not for sale

Artist and award winning Pastry Chef Gerhard Petzl's chocolate sculptures:

Here's the Gerhard with his World's Largest Chocolate Santa made just last December:

Not going to travel the world to attend Chocolate fairs, museums and exhibits, but still want a sweet piece of art? Perhaps not as artfully crafted, but certainly as delicious tasting, consider these other fun chocolate items:

Chocolate Gifts You Can Buy Now.

Endangered Species Chocolate Wall Trophies:

available from the W Hotel Store or Walteria Living

The Chocolate Pie Chart:

From Matt and Mary. Buy it here.

Painter Girl's Animal Print Bars, Chocolate Frida Tribute Bar and caramel filled chocolate paint tubes are made to order. Get them here.

Jessica Walters' handmade chocolate shoes.
Available as one large shoe:

a pair of medium sized chocolate shoes:

or a small chocolate pair in a box:

buy them here.

And of course, the fab white or milk chocolate Nike's by Blondel Chocolates in conjunction with +41:

buy them here.

And fnally, Vosges Flaming Heart Chocolates, available in 3 different flavors:

buy them here.

Yes, I know there are a many pieces of sculpted chocolates in the shapes of things like cell phones, 3D roses, gold bars, et cetera, but I'm focusing on hand made pieces that embody the craft of an artist which is why I did not include them in this post. Bon Appetit!

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Some chocolate producers:
Best Belgian Chocolate Of The World Online Store
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Lake Champlain Chocolates
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