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Über Cool Cabinets: The Horizontals & Horizontals A-line Cupboards

The Horizontals, originally designed in 1999 by Shigeru Uchida for Pastoe, a high end furniture company in the Netherlands, are a series of wall-mounted cabinets that slide horizontally to reveal compartments made of aluminum and wood.

The bodies are available in two sizes and come standard dividers. The metal sliding doors can slide in two directions. The Horizontals can stand alone as design objects, and are suitable for the storage of CDs, etc. The bodies are in a natural or bog oak veneer, with a protective wax finish, and are attached to the wall by means of an invisible suspension system. The metal sliding doors are available in all Pastoe varnish colours.

Wall-mounted pieces consist of bodies on the wall with metal sliding doors.

body: natural oak or bog oak with protective wax finish
metal sliding door: lacquer/gloss lacquered

The Horizontals A-line are the industrial version of the traditional Horizontals designed by Shigeru Uchida in 2003 for Pastoe.

The Cupboards, which are made entirely out of aluminium, consist of bodies with sliding doors. The sliding doors can be moved in two directions, creating a dynamic line effect within a magic square. The units are obtainable in two height sizes and are suitable for storing such items as CDs and DVDs. The bodies are attached to the wall using an invisible suspension system.

Wall-mounted objects. The aluminium bodies have aluminium sliding doors that slide to the left and to the right. The CD elements are suitable for 84 CD's. The DVD elements are suitable for 65 DVD's.

bodies: available in natural and black anodised aluminium.
sliding doors: available in natural and black anodised aluminium.

Above: Japanese designer Shigeru Uchida

Shigeru Uchida's Studio 80

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