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A Photographer Who Is Full Of Hot Air: Paul Graves' Balloon Sculpture Series

above: Paul Graves, phenomenon 3, from The balloon sculpture series, 2008

This month Italian magazine Domus' cover features photographer Paul Graves' photo of a balloon constructed person and his innards. Below are more shots from his 2008 Balloon Sculpture Series.

The image as it appeared on Domus' January cover:

A photographer who has worked with balloons before, Paul has created a balloon Garden of Eden for a previous editorial:

See the fabulous details:

Prior to that, he created this fun series of celebrities as balloons, using simply their trademark hair (or lack thereof) to immediately give the balloon the recognizable persona.

Don King:

Andy Warhol:

Pippi Longstocking:

Kojak (Telly Savalas):

Liza Minelli:

David Bowie:

Paul shoots many styles a has a large range to see his complete portfolio click here.

In light of balloon 'fun', and the off chance that you are one of the 3 people left in the world who has not seen the fabulous durex condom ad with balloon animals, here it is for you:

• See a newer post on the Balloon sculptures of photographer Paul Graves, that include his balloon expletives here.

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