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Pantone Stuff! Plus... Dinnerware on Sale Now

Please note, there's a newer post on this blog with the largest collection of Pantone and Pantone-inspired products available globally, see it here.

I get so many compliments on this fun Pantone Color porcelain dinnerware collection that I thought I'd share the fact that it's 30% off right now at Fishes Eddy (one of only two places that carry it!)

What is Pantone®?
PANTONE® the color authority, Richard Herbert President, Pantone Inc.

Whatever your color may be, recent innovations have made reproducing that color accurately, in any medium, anywhere in the world, an affordable reality. I am proud to be able to offer our customers the most advanced, efficient and complete color solutions available today. Our newest color devices offer a practical means of streamlining the color workflow around the world. PANTONE Color Cue™2 will make your color inspiration easier. The PANTONE digital color devices will make your color vision accurate. Rely on Pantone to make accurate color easily accessible and affordable.

From print and digital color reproduction to product development for fashion and interiors, Pantone continues to offer total color solutions for all industries. Because of our forty years of experience, proven color expertise and technical know–how, Pantone has earned the reputation as the world’s color authority.

Best known for their formula guides, Pantone has a really cool website that carries lots of other unexpected goodies, templates, insights, articles and information.

Sit down and relax...
on Pantone Flight Stools!

Now you can have the same magnificent stools that were launched at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair... and will make appearances in several museums all over the world! The amazing British design team, Barber Osgerby, pays tribute to Pantone by producing a multi-dimensional chip!

These birch stools from Isokon Plus are available in a range of colors from the warmer end of the spectrum--Yellow, Pink, Red and Orange. Lawrence Herbert, founder and innovator of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® will sign 20 of this limited edition... 50 total.

Take a look at the passport holders, zip wallets, tote bags, notebooks and other things made by Pantone® below:

Look at these cute felt bags:

For those of you not familiar with the PANTONE system (also known as PMS), check out their site.

Do You Know About Pantone Universe?

To see their "cool" site, go here.

And they do Colorstrology:

Check it out

Click here to link to their main site.

Please note, there's a newer post on this blog with the largest collection of Pantone and Pantone inspired products available globally, see it here.

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