Alice Mara combines Photography & Ceramics

Alice Mara creates earthenware or slip cast porcelain that then has digitally printed images upon it, making it both beautiful and functional.

Above: Blue Skyscraper Plate

In her own words:

My work is about the urban landscape.
Having lived in London most of my life I enjoy walking around the place and taking pictures of buildings that interest me. I recently completed a body of work depicting my local environment, Walthamstow, which involved cataloguing a nostalgic journey of familiar landmarks.

Using a computer, I enhanced the photographs to give them a fantastical, surreal appeal. I like the viewer to be able to recognise the environment that I choose to decorate the plates with, either through a sense of having visited the place or a general recognition of the London theme.

By placing these images onto plates, I transform the identity, function and value of the plate into a decorative work of art which becomes readable for the viewer.

Here are just a few of her pieces:

Above: Her "Hanging People" Bowls

Above: Purple Bridge Plate

Alice Mara's contact details:
Archway Ceramics, 410 Haven Mews, 23 St Paul's Way, London E3 4AG
T: 020 8925 1706 M: 07841 574 699 E:

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