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Product Pick Of The Week: Self-Standing Umbrella

Spotted at Charles and Marie, this handy functional umbrella is genius.

below is the description from their site:
The last time we checked the weather here in California it was bright and sunny and there was no sign of rain. But we have been told that it is still raining in quite a few other places around the world and so we thought it would just be appropriate to tell you about this pretty nifty accessory for those rainy days...

Now granted, it's not rocket science as it is nothing more than an umbrella, but the beauty lies in its pretty neat feet. Yup, feet. Umbrellas of yore have a point and are placed into a corner to stand when it's closed. Not this little fellow here, it comes with 3 little feet that add impressive stability and make it stand on its own, so whether dry or wet, he needs not lean against anything to prevent him from falling into the dirt.

Also in black.
buy it for $60.00 USD here.

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.