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J Schatz Hatches A Lot More Than Egg Designs. Great Modern Home Decor.

If you are familiar with the name J Schatz at all, it's most likely in conjunction with his beautifully designed, seen everywhere that's hip, Egg Birdfeeders. (seen below).

His own site states:
Using instinct and inspiration, J Schatz creates objects that bring wonder and joy to life through the creative and innovative use of the materials at hand. We are dreamers and explorers. Clay is the primary material that inspires us to create. We mold and sculpt clay into shapes that are pierced, scratched, carved, drilled, glazed and fired into beautifully finished products.

If you shop at DWR or shop at museum stores, then you may also be familiar with his Egg lamp:

If you actually read blogs like mocoloco or design*sponge then you may even know his Buff Humpty (seen below).

But did you know that he's hatched (forgive me, I couldn't resist)....

Egg Banks?

Egg Planters?

Egg Birdhouses?

Designing Color
The J Schatz Collection features ceramic ware that is finished in one of our 24 glossy colors. They hand apply the colors using method based techniques to ensure that each product has a dazzling surface. They do not retouch our product photography. What you see is what you get.

Are you aware of his Egg Table Lamps?

Tall Egg Table Lamps?

Egg Floor Lamps?

How about his Single Stem Egg Table Lamp?

Or the Triple Stem one?

How about Vases?

Okay, so eggs don't rock your boat?... keep reading....

It began humbly in 2000 when Jim Schatz made the first prototype Egg Lamp in his East Village apartment in Manhattan. The kiln was the size of a hat box and the apartment was cramped. He sought refuge in the woods three hours from the city and purchased a kiln large enough to fire thirteen products at a time.

J Schatz now has four kilns and employs four hard working artists who work hand in hand with Jim to create beautiful, glossy finished ceramic ware. Thousands of products have been sold to satisfied customers located throughout all fifty states and in 13 countries around the world. The company has eleven product lines: Buff Humpty, Cilindro Pendants, Egg Banks, Egg Bird Feeders, Egg Bird Houses, Egg Lamps, Egg Planters, Happening Curtains, Night Flight To Venus, Poodle Butts and Vases.

Then what about his "Night Flight To Venus" table lamps?

Or his Solid & Pierced Cilindro Pendant Lamps?

Or his "Happening Curtains"?

Certainly his Poodle Butts will make you giggle:

As a hands on ceramic manufacturer, J Schatz promises that each product that leaves thier studio is beautifully finished and offer each customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They design, create, assemble and ship all products from our studio in New York.

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