Product Pick Of The Week: The Dog Cage by Peter Pracilio

The Dog Cage for Design GO studio

I have a new puppy and although she's the cutest thing on earth, she's a handful! So, I've been crate training her and it's working. The only think I can't stand is the look of the hideous crate in my living room.

Well, apparently designer Peter F. Pracilio felt the same way when he designed this beautiful Dog Cage for Design GO studio. (update: the crate has since been renamed the eiCrate)


I don't know where I can purchase it or if it's even in production, but I simply had to share the images with you.

UPDATE: Obviously I was only one of many dog owners looking for a cool crate. The dog cage which was renamed the eiCrate has gone into production and is available in either a silver, white or black finish:

They also sell a fitted cover for it:

and you can purchase the 'starter package' that comes with a pad for the interior as well:

The price , while still expensive, is far more reasonable now. Buy the eiCrate here.


UNC said...

Amazing design. Stylish and intelligent. Super cool!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to sites like ... "If its Hip its Here" the eiCrate has carved it niche in the pet design market. Please check out to see what has become of this concept.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.