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Move Over Rascal, Pegasus Is Here. Introducing The Porsche Of Wheelchairs.

If I ever need a wheelchair, I want the Porsche of wheelchairs!

Pegasus is an alternative solution to the current manually operated wheelchairs for paraplegic people. Unfortunately more often and not a person in a wheelchair is viewed internationally as a symbol for disability. A lot of wheelchair drivers do not feel disabled and experience similar dimensions to ordinary people. The intension of Pegasus is to break with the image and appearance of current wheelchairs. Pegasus allows an efficient movement in an upright position. A manual actuation in combination with an electric drive motor with gyroscopic sensors (segway inspired) allow the driver to maneuver in very small distance.

Unfortunately, there's limited data on this new wheelchair, but we hope it makes the jump from drawing board to market shelves quickly!

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