This Next Loves Me.

One of the reasons I began this blog was the overwhelmingly positive response I was getting on the hot new shopcasting site,

If you haven't visited it yet, you ought to. It's a compilation of people's recommendations for available products on the market.

I have personally created over 7 different lists on there.

Begun by Gordon Gould and Craig Ogg, it's received wonderful press from reputable sources like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal and continues to grow.

Once you compile a list of products, they keep stats as to how many people actually 'clicked through' on the product or put it on their own personal wish lists. It's here, that I discovered I have a knack for finding items that people like or want.

Today I learned that I am the first person to have posted 349 "first" recommendations.

I believe that literally means I'm a Trend-setter. What fun!

No wonder I'm still single.

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