New Duvet or Giant Ugly Napkin?

Today's New York Times ran a story in Sunday's Business Section about a duvet cover that doubles as a bib for eating breakfast in bed. The product’s designers, Olga Bielawska and Astrid Schildkopf, came up with the idea in late 2005. They had sold approximately 20 through their own website, and it is now being manufactured by a German company and is available in US sizes as well as European.

The fabric of the duvet has an nondetachable bib sewn into the top of it that can be unfolded and tied around your neck, thus keeping crumbs out from beneath the covers.

They opted for a red and white checked fabric, purposefully remniscient of a picnic tablecloth or an italian bistro. A bit of lace was added making it- as the designer described "evocative of the hearty, meat-centric breakfasts that a grandmother might make."

Here's The Article from Sunday's NY Times

Personally, I'd much rather invest in a nice bed tray like the one below by Offi.
Or better yet, get your lazy ass out of bed and eat at a table.

The author of the article declined to say whether or not they thought this new product genius or ridiculous.
It's clear where I stand, er....recline.

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