64th Golden Globes or Toga Party?

First of all, congratulations to all the winners and the nominees. It was a year of excellent movies.

But now, let's get catty.

I was really surprised to wake up this morning and despite the numerous articles on the 64th Golden Globe Awards which aired last night, no one mentioned the fashion trend that was glaringly obvious! I didn't know if I was viewing the Hollywood Press's nominees or a glamorous Toga Party!

White, strapless or one shoulder pleated gowns were everywhere! Even Angelina's and Eva Longoria's gowns, despite being colors other than white, were pleated and had Grecian style. What is the deal? Has ROME on HBO been that popular??

OK, so one Australian blog site mentioned the "grecian" overtones, but I almost expected Los Angeles headlines to read Golden Globes or Toga Party? Can't believe not one newspaper or evening magazine has pointed this out.

Here's the evidence: (click on the pic to enlarge)

So, As you can see, these beautiful women should be toasting with Ouzo, not champagne!

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