Inspiration (or ways to avoid working all day long)

As you all know, there are a million impressive interactive sites out there.
Rather than waste your precious time searching, bookmarking, e-mailing to friends, and so forth, I wasted my time for you.

These sites are not only beautifully designed but also many go on and on, so deep, that you could literally spend your entire day clicking and watching, watching and clicking.

If you're doing actual work today and haven't the time to f@#! off, be sure to bookmark this and come back to these. They are worth it, trust me.

The most intense and mind-blowing of these is Nobody Here.

Fancy yourself the next Jackson Pollock? Okay, then start here.

You can watch a collection of fabulous films that all take place in an elevator, with a wonderful interactive interface called Elevator Moods right here.

Or watch the world go by right here

Love animals?
here's a beautifully designed site that doubles as a 2007 calendar.

Okay Dave. A very talented portfolio center grad who now works for Frog design in NY has a both moving and funny site right here.

Lit Fuse design (two guys in seattle) have created a fun interactive site with barbie dolls and GI joes that shocases their talents. Check it out here.

Wanna see where Subservient Chicken got their inspiration? That'd be right here. And yes, this site was first.

Don't feel like inspiration, but mindless entertainment? Or you're unemployed, stoned and bored? then check out The Boohbah Zone here.

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