Damask Is Back....And With A Vengeance.

Once relegated to Grandma's bed spread, Damask has made a major comeback as the new 'modern' pattern.

After the past few years of minimalist design in furniture and objects, rococo, ornate and baroque designed objects have come back like a plague.

Don't believe me? Just looky...One of the images below is actually a wall-mounted radiator!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items pictured below, just click on the image.


Anonymous said...

I love your blogs! This is a great place to come for design ideas. So much easier than popping to the supermarket for Architectural Digest! I am already a huge fan of your jewelry line and soaps so now to see your favorite items brings a smile to my face. I have bookmarked your page and it will be a daily ritual. Thanks for this. Great for gift ideas as well as self indulgent splurge.

danielle maveal said...

oh love this! im going to be making some sterling pieces with damask prints - keep an eye on my shop!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.