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Wearing Your Weaknesses With Cast Of Vices Jewelry

Whether you've kicked the habit, or still indulge, the jewelry from Cast of Vices is a hand crafted reminder of our vices, be them smoking, drinking, pill-popping, snorting - or even chewing on a pen cap.

Cast in sterling silver or gold, the pendants, bracelets and pins are detailed representations of our culture's obsession with self-medicating. The fly is said to serve as a reminder of the 'stench of our addictions' and is available on any piece shown.

Cigarette butts:

Beer Bottlecaps (Corona, Budweiser and Miller High Life):

Pills, pills, pills in gold or sterling silver:

Pills bracelet:

With flies:

Fly pendants and cockroach pin:

Pen cap and pouch pendants:

Vials with sterling silver caps:

All pieces are hand-crafted in the USA with sterling silver or 14k gold using the lost wax casting process.

To find your nearest stockist, go here.


Adgirl said...

I'd want a necklace with three types of cheese on it please, a bracelet with a tub of ben and jerry's chocolate Fudge Brownie and a pair of earrings with money on.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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