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The Perfect Oscar Party Accessories. Shoes & Bags For The Movie Lover.

The following heels and clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia make great accessories if you're attending the Oscars or simply an Oscar party.

Girls On Film Sandals:

Girls on Film is a cinematic silhouette with film reel straps and a gold buckle in soft sepia. Made from pvc and silk satin, this beautiful sandal emulates a classic film roll.

Take 110 Sandals:

Crafted from lustrous silver leather, these fabulous Take 110 sandals emulate a classic film roll. Keep them in the spotlight with bare legs and a great pedicure!

High Hollywood Wedges:

Run to the hills in these towering wedges emblazoned with the iconic Hollywood sign in suede and kidskin.

Box Office Pandora Clutch:

This season the highly covetable Pandora clutch box takes an even more glamorous turn with a gold-tone filmstrip trim. Box Office Pandora features a removable gold lamé pouch which is perfect for storing your red lipstick.

Motion Picture Clutch:

Clutch the stars of the Motion Picture with this unique newspaper clutch bag. Cotton embroidery details the face of Constance Bennett. This timeless piece has a blush twill lining and comes with a signature Charlotte Olympia stamped comb inside.

Silver Screen Clutch:

Celebrate the stars of the Silver Screen Magazine with this unique clutch bag. Embroidery details the face of Marlene Dietrich. This timeless piece has a blush satin lining and comes with a signature Charlotte Olympia stamped comb inside.

Some items may no longer be available at the Charlotte Olympia online store because these were part of their Fall 2013 collection, but may be found at various Charlotte Olympia retailers.

Wine In A Handbag. French Wines In Chic Packaging. What A Great Idea.

Wine in a box is so tacky, despite the improvement in many of the designs. A fresh way to serve up wine in a box are these smart "Bag-In-A-Bag" white, red and rosé wines from Vernissage of Sweden. French wines packaged in stylish looking handbags - a fabulous idea for birthday parties, Bridal Showers, Fashion Shows, concerts, picnics, conferences and more.

Packaging French wines into a case that looks like a chic handbag, complete with tap or spout was such a clever design, it won the 2010 "Most Innovative" in the Carton Awards 2010 and a prestigious gold award in the Pentawards, the world´s largest packaging design competition.

The White: 2011 Chardonnay Viogner from France
Vernissage has a young, fresh and aromatic bouquet with hints of fruits such as apple, citrus, pineapple and vanilla. The flavour is dry, flowery and very fruity with the essence of pear, citrus, tropical fruits and vanilla.

Vernissage makes an excellent aperitif, but goes well with flavourful fish and shellfish dishes, especially with Asian influences of lime and ginger.

The Red: 2010 Syrah Cabernet Sauvigon from France
Vernissage Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark red wine. Inviting fruity scent with notes of spices, tones of ripe berries, black current, blackberries and herbs as well as chocolate and barrels. Goes well with red and white meat, pasta, poultry and aged cheese.

The Rosé: 2011 Syrah Rosé from France
The French Vernissage Syrah Rosé is a lively and fresh rosé wine from the region Pays d'Oc in southern France. With a hint of raspberries and blackberries in the flavor, it has a herblike finish. The generously fruity aroma has notes of wild red berries. Vernissage Syrah Rosé is perfect as an aperitif, but is also suitable for fish, seafood or light chicken salad.

The Bag-in-Bag wine Vernissage has taken both wine-lovers and the press by storm, in Sweden as well as internationally. The successful project was created by Takis Soldatos, Oenoforos, in cooperation with Sofia Blomberg Art Direction & Design. The result is elegant design combined with high quality wines from the French wine region Pays d'Oc.

The thought behind Vernissage is a playful approach to the curious and modern wine consumer. At the same time, a woman´s touch has propelled the Bag-in-Bag wine from the practical to the elegant.

Vernissage Wines

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders Get Their Own Travel Case. The CupCase.

CupCases are a pretty nifty invention for those women who want to keep their bras in a place where they won't get smushed, torn or misshapen when traveling short (like the gym) or long (like across the ocean) distances.

With the price of brassieres these days, and how hard it is to find one you love, it's nice to have something to keep them from getting squished in one's suitcase or travel bag (or God forbid, the bottom of your purse).

CupCases come in the following styles:

A CupCase is not only a storage case for your bras; it can also hold jewelry, hair-ties & other small accessories while you travel!

• Durable
• Portable
• Stylish
• Protect bras from crimping, crushing and creasing
• Carry as a purse

A video showing you how they work:

Support Finding A Cure during October:


Funky Find Of The Week: The KeyBag by Joao Sabino

The Keybag by Joao Sabino, is a handbag created from 393 keys from computer keyboards. Measuring 300mm by 220mm by 50mm, it's interior is black nylon and the keys are ABS plastic. available in one size, but four colors, the bag costs 130 euros or $190.00 USD.

Buy the Keybag here.

Re-Bound Designs: Handbags Made From Hardbacks For Fashionista Bookworms

Caitlin Phillips of Washington DC is promoting literacy. Okay, well.. the appearance of literacy. Rather than reading that text book or classic novel, she's suggesting you use it to hold some cash and perhaps a lipstick or two.

By taking vintage hardback books, removing the interior pages while keeping the cover intact, adding fabric, handles, hardware and a cute little label, she's made a handbag for Fashionista Bookworms.

Sizes vary as does the purse's capacity. The wider the spine of the book, the more the purse will hold. She pays distinct attention to the colors and rarely uses the fabric more than once, making each creation truly one-of-a-kind. Her collection includes everything from reference books, textbooks, classics and teen novellas to how-to books. She even makes an effort for the fabric interiors to play off the titles or content of the book as in the case of her Do-it-yourself Encylopedia purse and the Singer Sewing Book purse (shown later in this post).

Here are a few examples:

Janson's History of Art:

China: Lands And Peoples:

Nancy Drew. The Mystery Of The Fire Dragon:

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire:


War and Peace:

Jane Eyre:

Stories from Dickens:

Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia:

The Singer Book Of Sewing:

Caitlin makes all the books herself by hand and has no guilt about cutting apart old books. She says that most of the ones she uses have been previously damaged in some way. She sells her books at her Etsy store as well as directly from her website. Prices vary.

See what stock Caitlin presently has for sale here.
Or shop her Etsy store here.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.