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The Perfect Oscar Party Accessories. Shoes & Bags For The Movie Lover.

The following heels and clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia make great accessories if you're attending the Oscars or simply an Oscar party.

Girls On Film Sandals:

Girls on Film is a cinematic silhouette with film reel straps and a gold buckle in soft sepia. Made from pvc and silk satin, this beautiful sandal emulates a classic film roll.

Take 110 Sandals:

Crafted from lustrous silver leather, these fabulous Take 110 sandals emulate a classic film roll. Keep them in the spotlight with bare legs and a great pedicure!

High Hollywood Wedges:

Run to the hills in these towering wedges emblazoned with the iconic Hollywood sign in suede and kidskin.

Box Office Pandora Clutch:

This season the highly covetable Pandora clutch box takes an even more glamorous turn with a gold-tone filmstrip trim. Box Office Pandora features a removable gold lamé pouch which is perfect for storing your red lipstick.

Motion Picture Clutch:

Clutch the stars of the Motion Picture with this unique newspaper clutch bag. Cotton embroidery details the face of Constance Bennett. This timeless piece has a blush twill lining and comes with a signature Charlotte Olympia stamped comb inside.

Silver Screen Clutch:

Celebrate the stars of the Silver Screen Magazine with this unique clutch bag. Embroidery details the face of Marlene Dietrich. This timeless piece has a blush satin lining and comes with a signature Charlotte Olympia stamped comb inside.

Some items may no longer be available at the Charlotte Olympia online store because these were part of their Fall 2013 collection, but may be found at various Charlotte Olympia retailers.

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