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Hats Off To Thom Browne and Stephen Jones For Some Seriously Strange Headwear.

Thom Browne's menswear collection for Fall Winter 2014 is both sartorial and satirical, to say the least. Ragged edge plaids, giant fat silhouette suits and autumnal leaf camo face make-up are topped off, literally, by unusual grey flannel and plaid hats and headgear in the shapes of animals. Rabbits as top hats, masks, caps and eyepatches, elephant heads, badger and frog caps, pinstripe bowlers as bears, hunting caps with antlers, driving caps with eyes and cage-like construction. There's even a Bear with a salmon in its mouth as a hat. Designed by Browne, the hats were made with the help of well-known milliner Stephen Jones.

Fashion You Can Sink Your Teeth Into. Moschino's 2014 Flavorful Fall Winter Collection by Jeremy Scott.

Whether you call it Fashion with Flavor or Culinary Couture, the 2014 Fall Winter RTW collection from Italian brand Moschino has zero trans fats and lots of humor. Processed and packaged goods are turned into couture gowns and dresses, McDonald's and Milk are the inspiration for suits, handbags and shoes. In his typically irreverent style Jeremy Scott's designs mock the fast food industry while still maintaining stunning silhouettes.

above: detail of the wedding dress in the collection

Although these designs are only part of the collection (Sponge Bob and blinged out prize-fighters clad in leather make up the rest), they are a commentary on society and mass consumerism that pokes fun at everything from packaged chips, Cheetos and popcorn to Tutti-Frutti candies and Gummi bears. French Fry mobile phones, Golden Arches sunglasses and Moschino branded milk shakes accompanied the models as they strutted down the runway.

The McDonald's Inspired Moschino Fashions and Accessories:

The Moschino McDonalds Phone Cover as well as some other items from this collection (shown at the end of this post) are available online as a special Capsule collection:

Got Moschino? A Fashion Play On The Milk Campaign:

Snack Food Moschino Fashions:

And there's even a Budweiser inspired dress and cape with which to wash it all down:

The piece de resistance? A bridal gown for the finale whose gossamer fabric is printed with the nutrition (or lack thereof) tables found on the backs of packaged food items:


Shop the Moschino McDonalds Capsule Collection by Jeremy Scott here

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