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An Air of Superiority. Sports Car, Distillery and Hunting Lodge Aromas In A Can.

No florals or sea breezes in these air fresheners. Archer Air Superiority Air Fresheners are masculine, rich and earthy scents that come in three fragrances.

European Sports Car Room Spray

For a scent of life in the fast lane, try European Sports Car. A blend of worn leather, brute force, aftershave and overconfidence it’s like the tight switchbacks of the Stelvio Pass in a bottle.

Hunting Lodge Room Spray

For a rich, timeless and earthy aroma you need Hunting Lodge. Gathering place of men for hundreds of years, it smells of hearth stone, gunpowder, rain-swollen timber and total dominance of the food chain.

Distillery Room Spray

With inviting notes of diligence, craft and mastery over nature, Distillery also kicks like a Tennesee mule. Enrich your home with the inviting aromas of charred oak, sour mash and enough bourbon to keep the good times rolling all weekend.

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For those of you in the UK, buy them here at The Fowndry.

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