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A Holistic Beverage Helps Homeless Dogs Find A Home: Kombucha Dog

You may have heard of Kombucha. It's a fermented sweetened tea beverage said to be a powerful probiotic. Filled with antioxidants, it's a low sugar, carbonated drink that originated centuries ago and controversially claims to 'detoxify the body and energize the mind.'

Whether or not you are a Kombucha-believer, this interesting product/project dreamed up by commercial photographer Michael Faye combines his lifelong love of dogs and his holistic beliefs in one bottle.

After coming up with his own Kombucha brew through much experimentation, he built a factory from the ground up to produce the bottled beverage. He then decided to photograph homeless dogs and put them on the label to try to help them find homes - and voila!  KOMBUCHA DOG was born.

Each dog pictured on their label is available for adoption now at a local no-kill fostering program and can be contacted through their website. The website lists the dogs presently looking for homes, along with lovely multiple portraits of each sweet canine by Michael Faye. I really wish I could take all of them home.

At present Kombucha Dog you can find Kombucha dog here).

And here's a look at some of the beautifully photographed dogs by Michael Faye for the project:

Humphrey Bogart:





Captain Jack:




Michael Faye

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