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Promoting Peace Through Food. The Recipeace Ads, Peace Meals and Peace One Day.

Recipeace is a social movement that aimed to join conflicting people through food in celebration of International Peace Day on September 21, 2012.

Throughout history, food has played a large role in bringing conflicting people together, turning times of crisis into times of peace. Recipeace is a social movement that brings people together over food. The intent is to build awareness for Peace Day on a global scale, while inspiring peaceful action on an individual level.

People could pledge for peace by cooking a meal inspired by recipes that have resolved conflict in history, visit a participating restaurant reserving tables for peace meals or tweet ideas of individuals who should come together over food for peace.(See the participating restaurants here.)

Check out the Peace Meals, the recipes and their inspiring stories here.

To help communicate the event, Leo Burnett, Chicago asked chefs, restaurants, food ambassadors and foodies around the world to join the Recipeace movement.

The print executions by Leo Burnett heralding the event were very simple - comparing weapons to food that have similar silhouettes:

More about Recipeace:
In 2001, Peace One Day successfully petitioned the UN to make September 21st, of every year, International Peace Day. Ever since, Peace Day has been a day of life-saving activities and action by individuals worldwide. This year, in partnership with Peace One Day, Recipeace aimed to continue that tradition.

Ad images courtesy of We Love Ad. All Other images courtesy of Recipeace and Peace One Day.

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