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New Smaller Modern Saunas With Transparent Glass Fronts By EOOS For Duravit.

The Inipi sauna concept was inspired by the “sweat lodges” of the North American Lakota Indians, whose rituals included heating stones strewn with herbs in a fire. Initially introduced in 2009, this year they've come out with an even smaller one - the Inipi B, perfect for those who don't have enormous bathrooms.

above left: the 2012 Inipi B sauna and above right, the original 2009 Inipi sauna

The Inipi Saunas designed by EOOS for Duravit are light and modern and come in different sizes and layouts to fit various sized bathrooms. There is absolutely no feeling of being closed in thanks to the fully glazed front glass which not only gives the Inipi saunas an unusual transparency but also an exceptionally stylish look.

The New Inipi B Sauna

The new Inipi B Super Compact sauna has a footprint of about 120 x 120 cm (the larger variant measures approx. 240 x 120 cm) and offers a comfortable amount of space for one person while also meeting the highest design requirements.

The wooden frame also creates the perfect link to the bathroom and living area. Wood is the connecting element in the bathroom and brings together the ceramic, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays- and now the sauna - to create a harmonious ensemble. They can be finished in white highgloss, Bleached Oak, Cherry Tree, American Cherry Tree, American Walnut, Ash Olive, Rosewood, Ebony or Macassar .

Inside, the cabin features a minimalist design with a characteristic rear wall with horizontal louvres that, like the floor, sitting and lying decks, are made of light aspen wood.

The Inipi is also available with an attached shower:

Taking up little floor space (only 235 by 117 cm – less than 8 by 4 ft – without the shower), the sauna's design is pure and transparent. Fundamentally, it consists of a wood frame with glass panes front and back. It is the back glass panel that sets the mood, as LEDs turn it into a sheet of light.

What's more, EOOS has eliminated the need for a sauna stove. Water is poured over the hot stones at the push of a button inside the sauna.

The “stone” turns out to be a handy remote control.

A sauna session in the modern variant of the Inipi also starts with a “stone”. In direct reference to the archaic heat source, the smooth object that feels pleasant to the touch quickly reveals itself as a handy remote control. Waterproof and heat-resistant, it is used to control all sauna functions: temperature, air humidity, vaporisation, coloured light and sound can all be set and adjusted from here and, as a particularly practical feature, preferred combinations can be stored as user profiles. As an alternative to the remote control, a second control unit with an identical display is located on the outside of the sauna, concealed behind a flap.

In the Inipi B, the symbol of the stone is found in the control panel, which is used to individually control the sauna temperature, timer for the heater and a digital hour glass.


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