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The Top 30 Coolest Coloring Books For Grown-Ups

above: a few of the adult coloring books now available on the market

Sure you can buy coloring books of all the Presidents, of geography and just about every licensed character out there. Fill in the lines of famous fashion illustrations and insects of all types. But why do that when you can be shading in a handgun or adding crosshatching to a cock?

The following coloring books are some of the most fun, unique, edgy and artsy coloring books for adults and design lovers out there. They make great gifts because they are very affordable- and certainly memorable. The subjects of the following books cover everything from drugs to weapons and erotica to illustration.


The Yellow Bird Project's Indie Rock and Aye Jay's Gangsta Rap coloring books:

Buy the Indie Rock Coloring Book here
Buy the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book here


the Cannabis Coloring Books by Re:

Buy the Cannabis Fantasy Cool Coloring Book here


Heather Stanley's Romanti-Goth and Nike Desis' Color Me Fierce:

Buy the The Romanti-Goth A to Z Coloring Book here
Buy Color Me Fierce!: A Fashion Activity Book with Six Glamorous Crayons here


Expletive by Krystine Kyttre and Let's Paint The '90s coloring books:

Buy The #& *! Coloring Book here
Buy Let's Paint the '90s! here

Bad Taste by Jim Wirt and Torture Devices by Erik Ruhling coloring books:

Buy Coloring Outside the Lines of Good Taste here
Buy The Torture Device Coloring Book here


Roz Streeten (aka Rosie Flo) has about 16 charmingly illustrated coloring books to choose from:

Buy Roz Streeten books here

Taro Gomi's loose modern art style coloring books are made for children but great for adults :

Buy Taro Gomi Books here


Modern Home & Creative Interiors Coloring and Activity Books By Raindogs:

Buy them here.

Dan Ginsberg's Gay and Adult Coloring Books:

no longer in print

Tee Corinne's Cunt and Labia Flowers Coloring Books:

Buy Tee Corinne's Coloring Books here

Morgan Hastings' Big Coloring Books of Vaginas and Cocks:

Buy Morgan Hasting's Vagina and Cock coloring books here

The Bijou Cock by Stephen Toushin and Todd James' Attitude Dancer, Volume 2

Buy The Bijou Cock Coloring Book here
Buy the Attitude Dancer 2 Coloring Book here


Religious satire; the Pat Robertson and Friends Coloring Book and The Christian Conservative by Kevin Stone:

Buy Kevin Stone's Coloring Books here


Graffiti Coloring Book by by Uzi Wufc :

Buy the Graffiti Coloring Book here

Street Art Coloring Book by William Warren:

Buy the Street Art Colouring Book here

Worth Noting:

This coloring book, A Scary Thing Happened, was intended to help youngsters deal with the fallout of 9/11 and was produced by FEMA. Ironically it took on a cult following and was very disturbing to youth so it is no longer in print:

out of print

The Grey Gardens Coloring Books are so much fun for anyone who watched either the original documentary or the Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange HBO production about the freaky Bouvier cousins, the Beales. And if you haven't seen either, get on it!

Buy the limited edition Grey Gardens Coloring Books here.

Designed more for youngsters than adults, the Girls Are Not Chicks coloring book by Jacinta Bunnell and Julie Novak is a teach and learn book that abolishes stereotypes:

Buy the Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book here


UPDATE: Be sure to see Part II of this post with 20 New Cool coloring books for 2011-2012!

UPDATE: Part III is up, the Coolest Coloring Books for 2012-2013!

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