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More Geeky Icon Pillows, These From Throwboy

You may have read my post on the fun computer and social media pillows from both Craftsquatch and My Suite Stuff. Now another designer, Roberto Hoyos of Throwboy, has thrown his, pillows, into the ring.

Like the other two companies, these pillows are hand crafted of fleece with polyester stuffing.

The collection includes Chat pillows- text shorthand blurbs as well like LOL, WTF and TTYL.

And mac computer OS icons:

And the requisite RSS Feed pillow:

They even have Halloween versions of Mac Finder icon pillows! Available until Oct. 31

Meet Throwboy and their mac computer and software icon pillows:

From Throwboy's "About Us" Page: Roberto was at work. Brandon was at a Christmas party. Kaelin was, young. "Brandon." Roberto said in that dry, you-don't-know-what-I'm-thinking way he always talks. "You do designing, right?" "Umm. Yeah, Roberto, I do." Brandon replied, hesitant. They'd never so much as texted one another, much less talked on the phone. "Let's meet at Shari's. I've got something I want to talk to you about." After forcing a signature of nondisclosure upon Brandon and Kaelin, his dreams of pillow dominancy were unfolded before their eyes. An empire of geeky, soft and peppy pillows sewn with care in happily familiar shapes.

Roberto, the grandson of a Peruvian Seamstress, birthed his Icon pillows years earlier to impress a female of his same Nerd Clan. And thanks to the modern technology which they embraced, the internet caught wind and surfer's interests were perked. Almost a year after the bland dinner at Shari's, this website emerged in all of it's groovy goodness.
See the post on Craftsquatch and My Suite Stuff pillows here. Buy your Throwboy pillows here.

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