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Meat And Greet: Business Cards Printed On Beef.

What better way to make a lasting impression than to give someone your pertinent information on a piece of seared, lasered dried beef? At least that's what artists Christopher Thomas and John Young thought when coming up with the disgusting yet equally compelling idea of meatcards, business cards on beef jerky.

The two clearly have a wonderful sense of humor in addition to the know how to come up with something this novel.

The description of the process on their site is infused with humor and because they have just recently introduced this protein-laden product, they ran a challenge whose winners would each receive a prototyped card.

The Challenge? Recreate one of 3 Frank Frazetta images with actual live people (I told you they had a good sense of humor). The contest entries were almost good enough to warrant their own blog post. Below is one winning example:

To see the 15 challenge winners (yes, the contest is over), go here.

The successful prototyping occurred May 6th as Chris and John used Original Flavor Giant Slab Jerky from Tillamook, Oregon. The winners were named and will receive their Alpha tested cards.

Now all they need to do is figure out some way to vacuum seal them and voila! ...your name in game:

above: They tested them using Giant Slab Beef Jerky from Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks in Tillamook, Oregon. Flavor: Old Fashion

Below are photos of the protyping process:

above: Chris getting set up at the laser table. These are two 150-watt laser tables. Chris uses Corel Draw to do the image setup.

above: Each piece of jerky is about 4" wide by 11" long.

above: The laser table is like a big inkjet printer, except of course it has a laser in lieu of ink cartridges. The laser itself is in a big cartridge at the back of the table; a mirror bounces it sideways, and then another mirror bounces the beam down onto the material.

above: Chris holding the successfully-lased jerky.

above: chris photographing the jerky

above: The final product is surprisingly legible, and no doubt, tasty. To learn when the meatcards will actually become available for purchase, follow them on twitter @meatcards  

special thanks to John Young for the photos of the process

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