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Chic High Heel Pain Relief From A Vending Machine: Rollasoles & Afterheels

Put away those dancing shoes and go home in comfort!
High heel calf cramps and sore squished toes get relief in the form of a vending machine with Rollasole, a brilliant product with equally savvy marketing. Rollasoles and their eco-friendly counterpart, Afterheels, are comfortable and chic ballet slippers available for purchase from vending machines inside select UK nightclubs.

For approximately GBP 5 (approx $8.00 USD), you get a pair of wearable flats in their own little dufflebag that will relieve you of those 5 inch stilettos that you bravely donned at the beginning of the evening.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Matt Horan, whose business card reads "Sole Director", the classic ballet slippers sold out when tested in nightclubs and are now a hit in the UK. With this success, they plan on introducing more vending machines and intend to roll them out (pardon the pun) beyond the UK.

Rollasoles are available in three sizes; small, medium and large and come in four colors; black, metallic gold, metallic silver or metallic pink (which is presently not available in their online store):

Matt Horan, the inventor of these truly revolutionary shoes, says he came up with the idea in a moment of drunken epiphany and after growing sick of giving his petite girlfriend (who loves wearing high heels, that much is understood) piggyback rides on the way home from a nightclub. First, he realized he must make flats available to women in the wee hours of morning, when the party is still raging on but all ladies are this close to fainting from the pain their high heels are causing. Thus, the idea of installing vending machines in clubs came naturally.

above: inventor Matt Horan with his Rollasoles.

Rollasoles' identity, web design, packaging and branding by created by the talented folks at Magpie Studio.

Afterheels is their 100% natural and fully recyclable version of the Rollasoles. The body of the shoe is made from natural, sustainable materials which biodegrade in the same time as an oak leaf. The polyproylene (PP) insole is fully recyclable where local facilities allow.

The colors aren't as pretty and they aren't metallic, but at the moment they are asking consumers to vote on new colors as well as submit their own color choices for Afterheels via an interactive design module (whose screen shot is shown below) on their site:

The duffle bag is currently made from a low density polyethylene (LDPE) which is also recyclable where local facilities allow. They aim to start a returns scheme if there are no facilities near you, but they’re aiming to change this to an even more environmentally friendly material.


all images and info courtesy of Rollasoles, Afterheels and Magpie Studios.

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