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Weird & Wonderful Worldwide Web Wonders

above: cool doorknobs, head handbags, lap pillow, taillight lamp and pig speakers

A few funky finds from all over the world for you:

above: Molecule doorknob by Sherle Wagner

above: A few of the weirder ties from the wonderful Cyberoptix Tie Lab.

above: the Hizamakura knee lap pillow comes with a black or red skirt and costs $101.00 USD
buy it here.

above: Dzimtry Samal's Human Furniture Collection, learn more here

above: One of Maurizio Savini's many life sized chewing gum sculptures, see more here.

above: Pig speakers from IDEA japan, not available in the US. In japan, buy it here.

above: Molteni & C's glove chair by Patricia Urquiola covered in Vivienne Westwood's Rubbish fabric

above: the headbag handbags by Raw Edges

above: Thai Baker/artist Kittiwat Unarrom makes gory looking human parts from bread.

above: Tail Light pendant lamps made from repurposed automotive tail lights by Stuart Haygath, available at LIMN.

above: External Hard Drive and Flash Drive concept by Mint Pass.

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