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The New Hu Watch By Ross Lovegrove for Issey Miyake

“hu”… simply means human.
a clear and pure statement embodied in a timepiece for issey miyake. it truly is a creative bonding and all my life long feelings about watches as prosthetic extension of the body, the concept of anatomical contouring and the organics sculptural possibilities of materials that integrate into one single skin. --Ross Lovegrove

The newest watch from Issey Miyake, the Hu watch designed by Ross Lovegrove:

The organic shaped wristwatch, made of titanium and silicon materials, gently holds and melds into your wrist. The dial as a slight slope on a 25ยบ angle to the right, which makes the dial naturally and easily viewable.

Available in October, 2009, the watch comes in three face and band color combinations; white & gray (SILAU001), white & white (SILAU002) or black & black (SILAU003).

The watch models:

The $800.00 watch is designed to fit an average sized japanese man's wrist.

Accuracy ±20 sec/month
Battery Life Approx. 3 years (SR920SW)
Functions Indication (Hour/Minute)
Water Resistance 5 bar
Case Stainless Steel Case + Titanium Frame
Band Silicon (Gray) Silicon (Light Gray) Silicon (Black)
Size L67.5mm × W42mm
Weight approx. 60g

And the packaging is equally modern in design:

The watch is not yet available on the market, but is expected to hit stores early October and should be available through the stores or dealers on this list.

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