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Karin Jurick, Feb. 3rd, Cohen Rese Gallery

Tomorrow is the opening of Karin Jurick's solo art show at the Cohen Rese Gallery on Sutter in San Francisco.

If you're not familiar with her work yet, you probably will be soon.

She has already pre-sold over half the paintings in her upcoming show and opening night has yet to occur.

Her vibrant and loose brushstrokes recreate places with which we are all familiar. Urban street scenes and beach venues as well as museums, libraries and restaurants. Yet she somehow takes these very public places and creates very private moments. Her work places the viewer in a voyeuristic position, peering in on people as they are caught in some very ordinary experiences having an extraordinary moment of reflection or privacy. In most cases, we can hardly see their faces.

Whether the subject is window shopping, reading or observing a piece of art on a museum wall, we get the sense that they are very engaged in what they are doing as we, simultaneously are engaged in watching them do this. The viewer doesn't feel like an 'intruder' however, because the composition and perspective are such that we are there, in the room with these subjects.

One feels a sense of quiet and calm when experiencing her painting which ironically are full of emotion. Making it very easy to look at these paintings for a long time.

Which is why I own four of hers. And hope to own more in the future.

The paintings above are a small preview of the show, but you can see more of her work on her site.

And if you're anywhere near San Francisco tomorrow night,
stop by the gallery on Sutter and tell her Laura Sweet sent you.

Sutter Street Gallery
Cohen Rese Gallery
432 & 420 Sutter Street
San Francisco

Located between Stockton Street and Powell Street,
in downtown San Francisco.

Parking is available at the Sutter-Stockton Garage which is 1/2 block away.

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