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If Tattoos Were Made of Gold. The Jewelry Of Michael Spirito.

Tired of cutesy hearts for Valentine's day?
How about flaming hearts in 14k or a Heart wrapped in a 14k crown and thorns from Michael Spirito's fabulous collection, Exhibitionist NYC.
Cause that's about as 'sweet' as his jewelry gets.

Meet Michael Spirito of Exhibitionist, NYC. When Michael Spirito took the Accessories award for his fascinating jewelry at the 'Gen Art Design Vision Awards' in June 2002, the fashion community realized there was a revolutionary talent in NYC. The designer's reputation continued to grow with a 'finalist' placing at the 2003 'Rising Star' awards.

His Latest Collection, "Shockra" (a fun play on the spiritual word Chakra) is reminiscent of John Hardy on Acid:

His Memento Mori collection will make any psuedo punk or macabre maven giggle with glee.

His other collections like Royal Pearl, Strong Sterling, Crown Jewels, etc use what I like to refer to as "tattimagery", all the icons people love in tattoos; hearts, swords, thorns, skulls, wings, but all done in a tasteful way with wonderful craftsmanship and materials.

But, to be fair, in addition to his stable of trendy imagery from brains skewered by swords and hearts on fire, he has a line of one of a kind signature jewelry that is absolutely stunning in both the design and craftsmanship.

here's a taste of that:

Michael's line is now sold internationally - from NYC to Los Angeles, Tokyo and most recently Moscow. Exhibitionist continues to grow while retaining a decidedly independent philosophy. "We don't conform to trends, we'd rather stick to our own interests & develop a market" says Spirito.

Really Michael? Well, I think your stuff is completely trendy, but I love it!

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