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I'm Not Sleeping Alone Tonight

Mat & Jewski use photographic imagery on many of their clever products.

In honor of those of us who don't have a Valentine to cuddle with this year, here's an alternative to spending the night alone in bed....atop a silk-screened sheet with the image of this handsome hunk. That's right, he's actually printed right on your sheets.

And if he begins to get 'dirty', just throw him in the wash.

This is just one clever product from Mat & Jewski. Below is their Oh La Vache camping tent. A nice way to spend time outdoors without being a blight on nature. Just beware of randy bulls!

And finally, they have a collection of lamps to die for. Below are just a few. Click on the image to enlarge.

So now you know of Mat & Jewski Pretty cool, huh?

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