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Jelaine Faunce: Pick A Style, Any Style.

I first stumbled upon artist Jelaine Faunce's work on her page on the daily painters site. Her charming collage-like layered paintings caught my eye. They were unusual, had a sense of humor and were being sold in her etsy store for a more than reasonable price.

Well, this of course led me to further links and further exposure to this artist's gamut of work. And what a range she has!
I was surprised to see that the same artist who created the semi-allegorical sushi paintings also created realism paintings of striking photographic quality and interesting composition. These and many more are visible on her website. A far cry from her 'sushi' paintings but equally captivating.

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On her website she also has some mixed media work. Two examples are below.

She even has a photography section on her site as well.

With an ebay store, an etsy store, a cafe press store, selling original paintings and prints on Imagekind, even a blog, she's one busy artist. Her prices are still 'affordable' but I bet they won't be for long, So keep an eye out on this prolific artist because you never know what she'll be doing next!

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