Milk Does A Body Good In Photos By Andrei Razumovsky. (NSFW)

Milk may be good for your bones, skin and hair, but in these very titillating photos it will get your pulse racing, too.

Russian photographer and expert retoucher Andrei (Andrey) Razumovsky, who goes by Razooma on the web, frequently works with nudes and special effects in his large portfolio of commercial photography.

One of his series of images, Milk (Молоко), has various beautiful women dressed -barely- in the calcium laden liquid.


The following should be viewed by 18+
Please note the following images are for those over 18 years of age and although artful, should be considered NSFW.




See a lot more of Andrey's work here. (Russian only, no English)

Thanks to and Like Cool for bringing this photographer to my attention.


Herbal Vaporizer said...

Milk is always very good for skin. I think in old times people use to take bath in milk. In these all of the pictures the girls have wear the clothes of the milk.

Anonymous said...

Yes... maybe you should put down the vapouriser.

Anonymous said...

captain obvious strikes again

James said...

Queen Cleopatra use to bath her self with milk as part of her daily shower as she believed it will help her skin but also will keep her healthier. I assume the girls in the pictures never heard about it.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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