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Took Long Enough! A High Tech Lite Brite From Bandai: Luminodot

The japanese company Bandai has come out with a high tech HD led version of Hasbro's Lite Brite. The toy that lets you add clear colored pegs to a light box backing to create glowing pictures.

above: the original Lite Brite toy

Lite brite was one of my favorite toys as a kid and believe it or not, I still have my original. However, this new one by Bandai, the Luminodot, is sorely tempting me to purchase it. With 1600 colored pegs and a sleek screen, it retails for $179.00 USD.

Like the original, you can use templates to place on the light box under the perforated screen to follow as a guide or randomly create your own designs.

They have Disney licensed templates too:

a few examples of some of their downloadable templates.

They have several templates to choose from. see their downloadable templates here.

Features (as described by audio cubes):
Bandai's Luminodot is the Lite-Brite we always knew we wanted. This 70 by 50 pixelated board is supported by a bright LED backlight. With 1600 bulbs in 12 different colors, each dot is important to finish the master piece. Any type of images can be projected onto the Luminodot, from a simple 2D picture to perspective art works. Featuring a private software that helps the user to create and preview the image. Luminodot is designed with a removable front panel, which allows the user to place the printed image underneath. A one-of-a-kind interior decoration. Available only from Japan.

Power: AC adapter
1600 color bulbs

In Japan, buy it here.

In the US, buy it here.


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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