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Graffiti Artists MIRF Create Limited Edition Fragrance Bottle For NY Yankees.

The official fragrance of the NY Yankees has just released their limited edition men’s bottle with exclusive design and artwork done by none other than NYC graffiti legends Mint&Serf aka MIRF.

Mint&Serf's distinctive drippy MIRF, which is featured on both the front and back of the bottle (above) , conveys their enthusiasm for New York, yet also expresses their understanding of the overall brand of the city. "People who know us can tell you that we are both diehard New Yorkers. From Astoria, Queens to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn to East Tremont Ave in the Bronx to Victoria Blvd in Staten Island, graffiti opened us up to almost every neighborhood in New York City. We live and breathe New York City," said Mint&Serf. "When it comes to the symbol of New York, there is nothing more iconic and recognizable than the New York Yankees; to think that graffiti we created on the streets of New York will be immortalized alongside the New York Yankees logo is an honor.

MIRF's distinctive drip graffiti found around New York:

Tagged with #MIRF4Yanks, posters have begun appearing around the city:

above: instagram photo by Chicozen

above: instagram photo by Jposorio

The multimedia artists Mint&Serf were born Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall. Mint&Serf, collaboratively known as MIRF, produces sculptures, graffiti, photography, public and private installations, curatorial work, commercial partnerships, publications and nightlife experiences. While Mint&Serf’s creativity was originally born on walls of their beloved concrete jungle, the duo’s illegal art morphed into conceptual art theory and commissions for some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Nike, Red Bull, Marc Jacobs and ACE Hotel.

The New York Yankees™ fragrance captures a sporty and confident attitude, creating a timeless, masculine scent that contains fresh wood tones, an invigorating blend of sparkling bergamot, coriander and cool blue sage. The fragrance also evolves to reveal a fusion of crisp ivy leaves, orange flower and geranium, enhanced with rich earthy patchouli, smooth sandalwood and suede.

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball Properties and now with Mint&Serf on this fragrance,” said Thomas Butkiewicz, CEO of Cloudbreak. “Mint&Serf’s artistic creativity and unique knowledge of New York City will bring an unparalleled freshness to the fragrance industry.”

The New York Yankees™ Limited Edition Graffiti EDT is available now online at at and at Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Belk.
200ml/6.7oz bottle for $85.

This cutting edge project introduces a new conceptualization for beauty brands; the NY Yankees limited edition men’s fragrance promises to be on every guy’s radar through and beyond Major League Baseball season.

A Field Guide To Typestaches. Fonts As Moustaches Poster Purchase Supports Men's Health This Movember.

In honor of Movember*, Taxi shared with us this 2009 poster by art director and designer Tor Weeks. The Field guide to Typestaches shows us 30 different font brackets as moustaches. The Field Guide to Typestaches Poster is available for purchase, see details and link below.

"A Field Guide to Typestaches" Poster

• 10% of all Typestache sales during Movember will be donated to fight men's health issues

• Designed by Tor Weeks

• Screen-printed by

• Printed on cream-colored paper

• 18" x 24"

• Frame not included

Buy the poster here ($24)

Or you can simply donate to Movember* here and support men's health

*Movember is the global men's health charity engaging men to grow and women to support the Mo (moustache) for the 30 days of November. Through the power of the moustache, awareness and funds are raised for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

$100,000 Iridium Razor with Sapphire Blades & Platinum Screws By Zafirro.

A $100,000 razor? Damn, that had better be one close shave.

above photo by Leah Verwey

The Zafirro Iridium razor is custom made from the strongest, purest, and most durable materials available anywhere. The handle centerpiece is crafted of Iridium, a rare metal - ten times rarer than platinum - and the most corrosion-resistant metal known. Iridium is frequently used in rocket components because it can withstand temperatures as high as 2000 degrees celsius and is one of the most durable substances found on earth.

The sapphire blades are hypoallergenic, oxidization and corrosion resistant and Zafirro claims that due to their sharpening process using ionized particles, are five thousand times thinner than a human hair.

The pure platinum screws, engraved serial numbers and the option for a personal monogram add to the exclusivity of the razor, of which only 99 will be produced.

The following text is from the manufacturer:

Introducing Zafirro Iridium

How do you inaugurate a new era of technology – not an incremental step forward, but a quantum leap: from vacuum tubes to transistors, CB radios to the iPhone? The introduction of the first razor with sapphire blades poses that challenge. The Zafirro Iridium is our answer. Utilizing expertise in fields as varied as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology, and particle physics, the Zafirro Iridium combines some of the rarest, strongest, and most technically advanced materials in existence. The resulting combination of exotic materials pushes the boundaries of technology while creating an aesthetic that could be the centerpiece of a gallery collection.

Due to the rarity of the materials, and the expense associated with manufacturing, production of the Iridium line is extremely limited.

Pure Sapphire Blades

The result of years of R&D, utilizing experts from around the world, our solid white sapphire blades launch a new era of shaving. Hypoallergenic, impervious to oxidation and corrosion, and an order of magnitude more durable than any other shaving blade.

Atomically Sharp

Zafirro sapphire blades are sharpened using high-energy, ionized particles creating a blade edge less than 100 atoms across, or 5000 times thinner than a human hair.

10 Year Blade Life Guarantee

Zafirro provides complementary servicing and professional cleaning for Iridium customers, as well as resharpening if necessary, to make sure your razor remains one of the most advanced and finely tuned consumer products. Ten years of servicing is included.

Pure Iridium Centerpiece

The razor handle centerpiece is 99.95% pure iridium, the strongest and densest functional metal on the planet, mainly derived from meteorites, and 10 times more rare than platinum. One of the primary uses of iridium has been rocket engine components because of its extreme durability.

Pure Platinum Screws

The platinum hexagonal screws on the Zafirro Iridium are custom machined to extremely tight tolerances on CNC Swiss screw micromachines designed for advanced biotech applications. The screws are 99.95% pure platinum, a far higher purity than most expensive jewelry.

Due to the limited global supply of iridium and the expense associated with manufacturing, only 99 of the Iridium line will be made. Each razor is engraved with a serial number to ensure authenticity, and can be monogrammed to your specifications.

Limited Edition of 99, price $100,000.00 (£62,631)
To order you must contact them by e-mail

UPDATE: Zafirro Gold is now also available. The same razor only crafted of titanium and 18k gold in limited quantities. $18,000.00

Zafirro is a Bright Light Ventures company. The Bright Light team has dedicated the majority of the last three and a half years to the research and development required to bring this new technology to market. Expertise in fields as varied as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology, and particle physics were required as well as manufacturing and technology expertise from around the world. Zafirro is now an independent company but will continue to draw on the Bright Light team’s expertise and resources as it grows and expands its product line.

all images courtesy of Zafirro

Gillette's Hilarious Manscaping Animations and Site

Gillette and Procter & Gamble clearly have a good sense of humor in addition to marketing savvy. Their latest micro site for male shaving products and needs is a foray into body shaving fun. has a series of 'why' and 'how to' videos on their website for men who want to trim or shave their body hair, whether it's their head, back, chest, head, groin or armpits.

The site is nicely designed, easy to navigate and thoroughly entertaining complete with cheesy music and fun little factoids. Fun and informative, Gillette matches their products with your manscaping needs in an entertaining and engaging way.

The site design features fun video intros to tell you why and animated video demonstrations (embedded in the post) to tell you how.


the why:

the how:

the video:



 the why:


the how:


 the video:



 the why:


 the how:


 the video:



the why:


the how:


the video:



 the why:


the how:


the video:


In addition to the grooming section, the site is very developed. Albeit there's a lot of average work in the entertainment section, some styling videos are quite funny and they have gaming tournaments, young guns promotions and a Gillette tv channel. Another fun interactive device on the site is the Gillette Styler , a 'try on the look' section. You can upload a photo to see what you'd look like various facial hair such as a goatee, a chinstrap, sideburns and more:

You can visit the site here. Like this kind of thing? Check out RSFU's 'Shave The Pussy ' Or Stefane Monzon's Pubic Hair Couture Fashion Show.    

But I LIKE hairy men...


Now, for those who like a hairy man, be sure to check out this post all about them including a great new book, Hairy by artist and photographer Robert Greene!   

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: it has been brought to my attention by reader Anne Adelson that Philips Norelco also has a microsite with funny manscaping videos, The BODYGROOM MANALOGUES:


Check out the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Manalogues here.

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