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Karl Lagerfeld's New Watch Collection (All Of Them) For Men and Women.

Karl Lagerfeld, who has previously designed watches for such brands as Chanel and Fendi, has just launched his own collection of watches for both men and women. Manufactured by Fossil (who has also just completed purchasing Skagen watches), the watch collection consists of seven different styles and finishes ranging from matte black to gun-metal grey and polished stainless steel.

above: Video of the new KARL LAGERFELD watch collection featuring models Saskia De Brauw and Jon Kortajarena, shot by Karl Lagerfeld and Music by Chaim.

The launch collection, which is priced between $150 - $595, features limited edition packaging and specially engraved case backs, exclusive to the initial launch.




Born from the mind of Karl Lagerfeld, the watch collection boldly represents the designer’s vision translated to modern time pieces. Iconic and edgy, the seven watch platforms are presented in an assortment of colors and sizes, offering the ultimate in fashion versatility.


One of the most unique pieces in the collection is the “Karl Zip,” Lagerfeld’s favorite silhouette.


The Zip embodies everything that is Karl Lagerfeld with irreverent design and enduring appeal.

The exposed zipper is fully functional and does more than lure the eye—you can wear this runway-ready style as multiple accessories.


Stand out features within the collection include; stainless steel bracelets, luxe metallic leathers, pyramid studs and bold chains.


Another collection highlight is the “Karl 7” named after Lagerfeld’s favorite number and surrounded by a beveled top ring that achieves a sleek and modern look uncharacteristic of traditional watch designs.

Karl Lagerfeld said, “You cannot buy time but you can get a beautiful watch to measure time without spending a fortune.”

Pier Paolo, President of Karl Lagerfeld said, “These timepieces embody the Karl Lagerfeld aesthetic and redefine the role of watches as a true fashion accessory. This collection provides another way to experience the world of Karl”

Steve Woodward, SVP of Licensed Brands for Fossil Group said, “KARL LAGERFELD is such an incredibly powerful brand. We are thrilled and honored to work with the brand to develop a watch collection that is, just like Karl himself, completely unique in the marketplace.”

The exclusively distributed collection launched simultaneously in select stores and online in North America, Europe and Asia. Retail price points range from $150 - $595 USD. You can find the watches at various department stores or you can shop the collection online here at the Watch Station.

Morphik: Cool Cuffs With Original Lowbrow Art, Photography and Graffiti.

Morphik is an arts-focused design company founded with the vision that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and own art... and wear it.

above: artwork by Bob Dob on turquoise calf leather wristband and photo by Jerry Uelsmann on python textured leather bracelet

Designed as an art-to-wear accessory piece, Morphik's men's and women's cuffs -or bracelets-  feature limited edition artwork by many of today's hottest lowbrow artists, graffiti artists and illustrators and would make a very special gift for any contemporary art lover.  Reproduced in a square frame and clasp made of brushed stainless steel, the artwork has an acrylic face that is scratch resistant. The artwork can also be hung on the wall just like a favorite painting or photograph (as shown in the example below).

above: artwork by Ciou is shown mounted for display

above: the back of the stainless steel insert is etched with the artist's name

The stainless steel frame enclosing the artwork drops and locks magnetically into the leather wristband or cuff.

above: artwork by graffiti artist John "Crash" Mathos on Men's Black Calf leather wristband

above: artwork by Skount on Men's Cognac distressed leather wristband

The artworks are interchangeable and can be switched out by pushing through a small opening at the back of the bracelet. The combination of wristband and artwork presents a truly unique outlet for personal expression.

The same piece of artwork (DAIM's Cold Explosion) can take on different characteristics when you change the leather wristband:

The same wristband or cuff (distressed metallic gold) with different pieces of artwork by Kim Zu and Nathan Ota:

They have a huge selection of both artwork and leather cuffs for both men and women. You can choose from photography, illustration, paintings, graffiti and more. Below are a few examples from some of the artists:


Bob Dob:

Junko Mizuno:


Maggie Taylor:

DOES and John "Crash" Mathos:

Jerry Uelsmann:


Sayuka Bloodstone:

The leather wristbands are stitched and assembled in Los Angeles.

Men's Cuffs:
•available in six colors (Calf and Vintage leather),
•Size 7 1/4 - 9 inches or 18 1/2 - 23 cm.
• $170

Women's Cuffs:
•available in 24 beautiful colors (Calf, Vintage, Metallic and Python textured leather),  •Size 6 1/4 - 7 1/2 inches or 16 - 19 cm


above: artwork by Maggie Taylor

Careful thought and care has been made to retain the artwork’s original attributes. Printed on genuine Moab fine art paper and placed under a scratch resistant cover, the artwork is set securely inside a stainless steel frame. The image is made using a highest standard for inkjet printing performance. This original process results in archival prints that deliver amazing color and an acutely clear, photographic appearance. This metal frame contains strong magnets that allow it to lock securely.


Maintaining the idea that our art-inspired goods are objects of value and meaning, we have designed unique boxes to ensure care and safekeeping. The artwork comes in a specially made box with a black, finely textured outer covering. The artwork magnetically locks into a metal pedestal at the center where it is firmly held in place. At the top of the box is a closed window to display the piece. There are features on the back that allow the box to be hung on the wall. In form and function, the box is very similar to the frame of an artwork.


We have given great thought and time to the design of our boxes to provide care, safekeeping, and aesthetic value. The band comes in a specially made box with a black, finely textured outer covering. A display window is located at the top. Magnets are built inside to securely hold the band in place. The box can be placed on a dresser or table for display.

Each artwork comes with a booklet with information about the artist and work. Like an exhibition catalogue, the booklets contain the artist’s biography along with descriptions about each of their artworks available at Morphik. The artists have provided their own descriptions, which include interesting background details about the creative process, inspiration, and ideas behind each image.

A guiding principal at Morphik is to make contemporary artists more accessible to a larger and more diverse audience. For this reason, support of the artist community is very important. Our artist network spans the globe including Japan, China, the United States, Brazil, Germany, and France. Each artist has his or her individual style. Working in genres such as painting, graffiti and photography, each artist creates an exciting and fresh visual language representing the diverse trends happening in contemporary art practice today.

Morphik works to generate sponsorship of arts organizations that bring awareness to the benefits and vitality the arts have to offer. By donating to the arts, we aim to build creative and supportive partnerships worldwide.

Shop for your Morphik Art and bracelets here

Capitalizing On The Catacombes. Morbid Luxury From Philippe Tournaire for S.T. Dupont.

The Catacombes Limited Edition Collections in bronze, and new 2012 Catacombes Black Diamond collection by Philippe Tournaire for S.T.Dupont consist of fountain pens, lighters, cigar cutters, cuff links and ashtrays inspired by the Paris Catacombs and their dual symbolism. The french jeweller has designed these limited editions especially for S.T.Dupont, dedicated to this morbid underground side to architecture.

A little history first: The Catacombs of Paris, created in the late 18th century, refer to an underground ossuary holding the remains of about 6 million people.

above: inscribed sign in the Paris Catacombs reads "Stop, This Is The Empire of Death"

In the beginning of the 10th century, many parish cemeteries became overcrowded because of a rapidly growing population. During the 12th century, the city opened a central burial ground named Saints Innocents Cemetery. But a few centuries later the cemetery became saturated and sanitary conditions were absolutely unbearable.

The idea to use empty undergrounds on the outskirts of the city was launched in the late 18th century. All the dead were then transferred to the place named Denfert-Rochereau today.

The Catacombes of Paris have been opened to the public since the 19th century. They attracts many visitors, curious to discover the obscure and narrow galleries decorated with bones.

New Catacombes Collection (
Sterling Silver and Black Diamonds)

Following the success of the 2011 release of the S.T. Dupont Catacombs cast in bronze) shown later in this post); Philippe Tournaire will be releasing the series in Sterling Silver embellished with black diamonds. Only ten pieces of each item will be released this Fall 2012. All are cast in solid sterling silver and finished with black diamonds.


Cigar Cutter:

Fountain Pen:

Cuff links:

The Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Catacombes collection can be purchased here

Catacombes Collection (Bronze)
Shaping, engraving, finishing and patinating the Tournaire and St. Dupont collections required no less than 70 hours’ work. The bronze editions are limited to 66 copies per object, a divine, sacred number.

The beautiful cigar ashtray seems to be available only in the bronze:


Cigar Cutter:

Fountain Pen:

Cuff Links:

You can purchase the bronze Catacombes collection here.

Catacombes Guitar /Hard Rock version
The Hard Rock or Guitar version of the Catacombes lighter and fountain pen weremade exclusively for the US and is limited to 31 pieces. Sculpted in bronze and cast in silvertone:

Hard Rock Catacombes fountain pen:

For nearly 140 years, S.T. Dupont has been successfully creating exceptional pieces that have won over the world’s most powerful people, as well as aesthetes and enthusiasts of fine craftsmanship.

For over 40 years, artist/jeweller Philippe Tournaire has been creating pieces that combine architecture and high end jewellery.

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