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An Eggstraordinary Pop Culture Compilation for Easter

Enjoy this special animated Easter video that turns the main characters of popular cult TV favorites such as Game Of Thrones, Star Trek, Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory into, you guessed it, eggs. Created by Easy Explain Video, a company that creates animated videos for companies and agencies.

Owen Wilson in The Killers' Christmas In LA , a 5 Minute Melancholy Mixed Media Music Video.

The Killers have shared their latest charity Christmas single, Christmas In L.A., whose proceeds will benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. This is the eighth year that the Killers have partnered with (RED), the AIDS awareness organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, to produce a Christmas single.

Directed by Kelly Loosli (who is the program director of BYU's animation program) , the mixed media five minute and 12 second music video casts Owen Wilson as a melancholy out of work actor who is dreading December 25th in Los Angeles. I'm not sure if this is odd or perfect casting given Wilson's suicide attempt in 2007 , which everyone seems to have forgotten. The lonesome video also features actor Harry Dean Stanton (below with Wilson) and animation by Loosli's students at Brigham Young University.

Watch the video below, and head over to iTunes to purchase "Christmas in L.A.," which features supporting vocals from Dawes.

The Killers

Paperman - The Full Animated Oscar Nominated Short And Some Behind The Scenes Info.

Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar®-nominated short, "Paperman."

above: Paperman merges CG with hand-drawn illustrations for it's unique effect.

Using a minimalist black-and-white style, the short follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute.

Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him.

Created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, "Paperman" pushes the animation medium in an exciting new direction.

From the D23 blog:
Director John Kahrs began thinking about the basic premise for Paperman back in the early 1990s when he lived in New York City and commuted 38 miles each way to his job as an animator at Blue Sky Studios in Westchester County. “New York can be an intimidating place,” John says. “People tend to have their guard up when they’re going about their daily routine.

I can remember being on the train wishing I could make a connection with someone and have more of a social life. I would come back through Grand Central Station and go straight home. I kept thinking, ‘Here I am in the most amazing city in the world, and I’m just holed up in my apartment.’ Sometimes on my commute, I would see somebody and make eye contact and then that person would be gone forever. I started wondering what if that person was the one for me.

“I also began thinking about the notion of how a couple with a romantic connection would communicate across the big city,” John continues. “And this idea of throwing a paper airplane from one skyscraper to another was the visual hook that really got my gears turning. I started focusing on how this guy could reconnect with a girl he had made a connection with.”

John moved to California in 1997 to work for Pixar Animation Studios; the idea for Paperman continued to intrigue him. He developed it as a short film and edited together a rough version, but it wasn’t until he came to Disney in 2007 and completed his assignment as a supervising animator on the studio’s 2010 hit feature Tangled that things began to happen. Encouraged by the directors of Tangled, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, and inspired by the artistic guidance of legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, John began to see new possibilities for bringing Paperman to the big screen.

Watch director John Kahrs talk about the drawings for Paperman:

Today's Halloween Interactive Google Doodle

Today's cute animated interactive Google Doodle created by Simon Rüger of Germany who made this little explanatory video:

Happy Halloween!

Google Wishes You Happy Holidays With An Interactive Animated Jingle Bells Light Show

If you didn't check out the Google doodle today, it's a sweet interactive animated doodle that when all the buttons have been depressed, plays a little light show accompanied by an instrumental 'jingle bells' ditty.

Click on the glowing button beneath the G and it becomes a snowflake:

Click on the glowing button beneath the first O and it becomes Santa:

Click on the glowing button beneath the second O and it becomes a bell:

Click on the glowing button beneath the second G and it becomes a snowman:

Click on the glowing button beneath the L and it becomes a candle:

Click on the glowing button beneath the E and it becomes a present:

According to Nathan Naze, Software Engineer at Google "Working with our doodlers, we had the bright idea to string lights along the Google homepage (and, because we can, added some interactive features). Of course, instead of using nails and hopelessly tangled strings of lights, we used JavaScript, Closure, and HTML5 or Flash to play the music (depending on the browser)."

Here it is in its animated entirety:

Happy Holidays back to you, Google!

Marcel The Shell Sequel, Book, Activity Kit and Mobile Apps Continue The Cuteness.

I was thrilled to learn that director/writer Dean Fleischer-Camp and commedienne, writer (and Marcel's voice) Jenny Slate have produced another short film starring the lovable and quirky Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.

Along with the release of this sequel, Penguin has published a book for children (and enjoyable for adults, too) about the impish stop-motion shell named Marcel called Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me

To learn about how Marcel The Shell came to life and see the first video, go here.

Now there's even a Marcel the Shell mobile app for both the iPhone and iPad:

And a downloadable PDF Activity kit with a maze, a word puzzle and coloring pages (art for the kit by Amy Lind):

Download the Marcel the Shell Activity Kit

Buy the new Marcel The Shell With Shoes On book here.

See who voices Marcel the Shell and how he came to life here.

New Nathan Love Animated Thanksgiving Promo For NBC

The latest collaboration between illustrator/director Nathan Love and NBC to wish their viewing audience a Happy Thanksgiving holiday is this 30 second promo which starts airing today.

Client: NBC Artworks
Director: Nathan Love
Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Art Director: Anca Risca
Animation Director: Ryan Moran
Rigging: Dan Vislocky, Frank Naranjo
FX Animation: Stieg Retlin
Sound Design & Music: Drew Skinner

Logorama Takes Home The Oscar. Here's The Whole Animated Short Film.

Logorama, a 16 minute movie, took home the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film last night. As you can imagine, many of the sites that previously has this short feature online have quickly disabled it, but I've got both the trailer and the whole film for you (until someone disables the link):

The whole film:


Directed by H5 (François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain), the short animated film featurtes more than 2500 logos which make up spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city... and much more.
Geek Details (thanks to Aeromental)
  • The yellow persons on the streets are the logo from the Messenger of AOL.
  • The Quicktime logo is a clock in the caffeteria
  • For Pixar’s Wall-E fans, you can see the Buy N Large logo
  • The Bar Equalizer from the Helicopter was the logo of Cisco Systems
  • The earthquake in the city formed the X-Box logo, ironically destroying the Windows building and IBM
  • The road near the mountains forms the VAIO logo.
  • When the car crashes against a tree, many old Apple logos fall, the multicolor version.
  • The cactus were made with the standard USB icon.
  • The butterflies are the MSN logo.
  • The floating W is for Microsoft Word.
  • Sony Ericsson is the Moon.
  • Internet Explorer appears as a planet.

You can also find Logorama in full length on iTunes (in case by the time you see this, they've figured out I posted the whole thing and disable it).

Fabulously Creepy Animated Holiday Short By Rodrigo Blaas For Alma Films

The incredibly talented animator Rodrigo Blaas, who worked on Disney's Up, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Cars and more has created this eerie and beautiful short film about a child drawn to a toystore of dolls for Alma Films.

You may never let your child into a toystore again.

Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas
Produced by: Cecile Hokes
Music: Mastretta
Art Director: Alfonso Blaas
Lighting Supervisor: Jonatan Catalán
Character Technical Supervisor: Jaime Maestro
Character Design: Bolhem Bouchiba, Carlos Grangel,
Sergio Pablos, Santi Agustí
Animation: Daniel Peixe, ManueBover, Remi Hueso
Sound Design: Tom Myers and David Hughes
Post Production Coordinator: David Heras
Special Thanks: Keytoon, Next Limit, UserT38

Full credits:

Google Street View Explained Via Animation

This little animated film appeared on Google Japan as an animated way to explain how Google Street View works. Fun to watch and enlightening... I guess that's infotainment!

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