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Damien Hirst's Anatomy Of An Angel Now Available Cast In Black or White Miniatures.

This 2012 edition by Damien Hirst reflects in miniature his original, classically posed Carrara marble sculpture of the same name (shown below at the Tate Modern).

above: 'The Anatomy of an Angel' and 'Doorways to the Kingdom of Heaven' during the press view of Damien Hirst's work on display at the Tate Modern.

The Hirst sculpture was based on Alfred Boucher's sculpture ‘L'Hirondelle’ from the early 1900s:

above: Hirst's angel is based on Alfred Boucher’s sculpture ‘L'Hirondelle’ (1920)

In Hirst’s version, cross-sections of her body show the anatomical structure beneath the skin, revealing she is human after all.

Cast in either black or white resin, each in a limited edition of 50, the signature, title and edition number are etched into the resin by the artist.

In White:

In Black:

330 x 185 x 140 mm
Edition of 50
Produced by Other Criteria

PRICE: $10,825 (£7,200)
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