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5 New Limited Edition Artist Cans by Montana To Kick Off 2013

Montana Colors has begun the new year with an exclusive release: 5 new limited edition cans featuring Belin, Mistery, How & Nosm, Kofie and Roid MSK.  As always presented in its individually designed wooden box stamped with the artists personal seal, and limited to only 500 units in total.

Originally from Linares (Jaen, Andalucia), Belin reached a worldwide fame as hyper realism master, gaining the respect of both graffiti and contemporary art audience. In his portfolio a plenty of collaboration with famous fashion brands such as Carhartt, Ed Hardy and Levi’s and a couple of cameos at ‘L.A. Ink‘, where he painted the backstage of Kat Von D’s TV show.

How and Nosm are identical twin brothers known for their large scale graffiti based murals that adorn city walls around the world. The red, black and white-based imagery is instantly recognizable and commands attention through the impressive size and intricate detail. Initially their color palette was limited for practicality but has now become a distinct calling card and formal choice that has allowed them to push spray paint to a new level.

Mistery has been one of Australia’s most long-standing and influential writers. Starting out as a B-boy in the early 1980’s he continues to represent the Hip Hop culture through Breakin, Graff & as an Emcee. Although known for his signature B-boy characters Mistery still maintains that graff is about letterforms, and accordingly continues to perfect his style. Painting in every corner of the globe Mistery has definitely made his mark. A B-boy, Martial Artist, Christian Minister, Emcee & Writer, Mistery is an enigma.

Growing up in Los Angeles and very active in the West LA Graffiti scene since 1993, Kofie, as he became to be known, is a skillful and well respected mixed media and street artist. Drawing on his early craft of Graffiti lettering he has developed an abstraction of his earlier works that goes beyond the traditional 3 dimensions of our known world into a crafted compositions that build upon themselves. He has the innate ability to combine appreciation of the past and his vision of a developed future both in his murals as well as his studio, being an original contributor of the ‘Graffuturism’ movement.

Born in 82, London based artist Roid began painting the late 90’s spending the last ten years building a solid international reputation for innovation and technical skill. His constant evolution of the conventions of New York Subway graffiti has never stayed still and neither has he. After his sellout debut solo show in summer 2012 he is now working as a fine artist and creative director from his south London studio, continuing to influence and change the way people think about graffiti.

Not available for purchase in Montana's online store, you have to ask your local Montana Paints dealer.  The four below, howver, are still available for purchase from their online store:

In the pedigree of our culture, Part One and TDS have their own branch. Their pieces covered continuously the lines 1, 2 and 5 during the last years of the late 70’s and early 80’s in New York. Part One, a champion of wildstyle, has shown and proved his mastery under several names: Roam, Rio, Fudge 357, 2worm, Wepa, Ultra2, Rique… This time, one of his mythical pieces decorates one of our limited editions.

If you ever walked through Barcelona since 1999, for sure you saw some of those happy fishes with enormous smiles full of teeth. El Pez, a icon of our streets, creator of the Happy style, could not be missing in the line of names in our line of limited edition, since we more or less grew up together.

Very few legends are still here to tell their story and make it stay alive to prevent it from fading away. In graffiti this might be said about Sento (TFP, DAMAGE INC), a unique writer whose personal style of letters has inspired writers all over the globe. The king of swing couldn't have been left out of our collection of limited editions. It wouldn't have been complete.

MARE 139
A lot can be said about Mare 139. We could talk about his metal sculptures, ‘Street Play‘ by Martha Cooperand of course his part of the New York graffiti kingdom, but we choose to hold on to the memory of ‘Style Wars‘, where he had to repeat his name at the writer’s bench, spelling it. He seemed a little uncomfortable with the situation, not realizing at that time his name would be forever engraved in our lives. We are lucky to have his limited edition based on this mythical image of the writer, captured by Martha Cooper.

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