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Body Painting Artist Emma Hack Goes "Pop!"

This is my third post on the jaw-dropping work of Australian body artist, Emma Hack because I continue to be amazed at her seamless combining of the human body with backgrounds. Emma is the artist behind the famous Goyte music video and the Car Crash image made of 17 painted bodies for South Australia's Motor Accident Commission.

above: a still from the Gotye video and the car crash image of painted bodies by Emma Hack

POP! explores Emma's fascination with the pop art genre - a fun, modern day approach into the comic-inspired work of Roy Lichtenstein. Emma's heroines are not helpless however, they are strong women.

There are 3 collections within this theme. All shown below.

'The Optimists', offering a wider crop - looking at the positive side of life:

Paint The Town:

So Dangerous:

When The Dust Settles:

Enjoy The View:

'Lessons of Love', features messages to get over that bad break-up:

Big City of Hearts:

Hit Him In The Heart:

No Use Crying Over A Drop In The Ocean:


'.com' is based on a social media theme, drawing the girls into todays .com culture:

Sexy Babe:

Tag Me:

Text Me:

Google It:

Purchase prints of these:
Each image is mounted on glossy perspex and is an edition of 50. A fun, affordable-art line addition to Emma's current collections, you can purchase these in two sizes: 100 x 100cm or 45 x 45cm.

To purchase art works please select your region from the pull-down list on this page to be directed to your nearest Gallery.

Upcoming Gallery Show:
Emma's “Pop” collection – The Optimists opens at Seaview Gallery January 12th and runs through January 28th.

all images © and courtesy of Emma Hack

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