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Yarn Bombing: Guerilla Knitters & Granny Graffiti Cover Cities With Crochet

above: Yarn Bomber Magda Sayeg gives a Paris statue a legwarmer

above: A Yarn Bombed homage to Banksy by Agata Olek, image courtesy of Olek

If you're not aware of the latest art movement, Yarn Bombing, just start looking around. Yarn Bombing is a cozier version of street graffiti. Sometimes referred to as Grandma Graffiti, it is the guerilla crocheting of buildings, bike racks, stairs, statues, trees, lampposts and more are covered with crochet or knitting by various artists.

A relatively new global phenomenon, this softer form of urban vandalism is appearing in every country around the globe and was recently celebrated on June 11th as International Yarn Bombing day.

above: Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please at work

above: Agato Olek yarn bombs places, things and created human figures with her knits, image courtesy of Olek

above: Jesse Hemmon of Ishknits yarnbombs the Rocky Stautue in Philadelphia

Just like urban street art has its heros (Bansky, Crash, Retna and more) so does Yarn Bombing. Artists/knitters like Jessie Hemmons of ishknits, Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please and artist Agata Olek, to name just a few.

Jessie Hemmon's yard bombed statue of Rocky outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art asks you to "go see the art":

The talented work of artist Magda Sayeg is more like public art installations than graffiti and can be found in Paris, New York and Indonesia, amongst other places.

Some work from Magda Sayek of Knitta Please (more later in the post):

From People to Public Pools to Statues, some of Agata Olek's work:

image courtesy of Olek

image courtesy of Olek

image courtesy of Olek

image courtesy of Olek

image courtesy of Olek

image courtesy of Olek

image courtesy of Olek

Yarn Bombed Transportation:

above: Jessie Hemmon's awesome Tank Blankie (courtesy of flickr)

above: knit car cozie (artist unknown)

above: Knit covered motorcycle by Kate Corbin

above: Magda Sayeg's amazing crochet-covered atv, bus, MINI, and Cosmico camper

above: Agata Olek's knit covered car

above: the El train yarnbombed by ishknits

above: Schwinn by Greeneyez2

above: knit covered bike in new York by Agata olek, image courtesy of Olek

Yarn bombed utility and lamp posts, bike racks, and other public elements:

above: yarn bombed bike racks by Graffiti Grannies

above: Yarn bombed bike racks by Maluca Yarnbombing

Some Yarn Bombed statues spotted on June 11th:

above: Yarn Bombed statue by Julie Burton Beckham

above photo courtesy of Dace Balode

above photo courtesy of Laurie Sims

above: a yarnbombed lion by Bournemouth & Poole Stitch n' Bitch, image courtesy of flickr

Yarn Bombed trees:

and a truly beautiful one spotted in Fitzroy VIC Australia (artist unknown)

The images in this post are courtesy from the various artists, the New York Times, ArtInfo Time magazine and Flickr

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