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Go Gaga Over Mattel's New Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie Doll

While Mattel has yet to come out with an Official Lady Gaga Barbie Doll, their newest Gold Label Collector doll, The Goddess of The Galaxy Barbie is as close as you're gonna get until they do.

Designed by Bill Greening, this new collectible Barbie sports galactic glamour in the form of a molded metallic corset embellished with fuchsia "jewels" above a layered underskirt of shimmering fabric, a dramatic pinstripe cape, and silvery forearm and leg cuffs. Silvery rings with "jeweled" accents orbit an up-do with twisted platinum braids, and her dramatic face paint features ultra long, rooted, feathered lashes. Her thigh-high platform boots would no doubt be coveted by Lady Gaga herself.



The $100 Direct Exclusive Barbie Collector doll is only available in the US and 4,200 were made. She is currently sold out but you can find some of them here on ebay.

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