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A Look Inside And Out Of The Incredible Rentable Sliding House In Nova Scotia.

Completed in 2008, this fabulous and unusual Sliding House on Canada's coast is a 1,700 square foot residence that was commissioned by creative directors David Peters and Rhonda Rubenstein and designed by architect Brian Mackay-Lyons.

Unusual on the outside, both for its sloping design -the home is placed on an eight degree slope and has views of the sea- and corrugated aluminum exterior, the inside is just as eye-catching with its beautifully designed and decorated interior (tons of photos shown later in the post).

The exterior is covered in industrial metal corrugated cladding. A thick north service wall containing stairs, baths, kitchen, hearth and storage protects the house from cold north winds.

It is available for weekly renting and sleeps four with its large master bedroom, loft area, fully equipped kitchen, enclosed fireplace, flatscreen TV, DVD player, and high-speed internet access.

The interior is entirely finished in unbleached clear poplar hardwood and is impeccably decorated with sophisticated furniture, modern lighting and high end appliances.

photos courtesy of Jean-Luc Laloux, MLS Architects, and Sliding House

Nearby activities include whale-watching, horseback riding, sailing, golfing, fishing, fine dining and music and craft festivals depending upon the season.

Located in the coastal community of Upper Kingsberg in Canada, the home is a 90 minute drive from the Halifax airport.

Weekly rates are $1800 in the off-season and $2250 from June 26-August 27.

Interested in renting? email their property manager or contact David Peters.

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