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The Ovei Pod, A Personal Cocoon In Various Forms From Artist-Decorated to Gaming.

above: Designer Lee McCormack with the Vince Fraser decorated Ovei (more pics later in the post)

The Ovei Pod is a self contained unit with a built-in 5.1. surround sound system, variable lighting control, climate control, luxury leather seating and the latest flat screen technology.

Way back in 2002, British designer Lee McCormack conceived the first, embryonic form of the Ovei. With ‘i-pod’ already registered by Apple, he instead called it the ‘Oculas’:

In 2005 discussions began with McLaren Applied Technologies – the specialised design & technology division within the McLaren Group – culminating in the all-new Ovei. Various customizable versions, specially designed SPA versions, gaming versions, branded versions and artfully decorated ones (like the one by Vince Fraser shown further down in this post) have since been designed.

In addition to the black and white ones shown, the Ovei can be produced in various colors:

And various styles:

“Ovei is inspired by the evolution of modern architecture, design and technology during the past twenty years. The underlying concept, is a sanctuary for the individual. It’s not about isolation or disconnection, it’s about nurturing inner wellness and strength. Focused and invigorated we perform better and become more resilient to the aggressive demands of modern life. The Ovei is now recognised by renowned architects and designers as a perfect compliment modern residential and commercial projects”.-Lee McCormack.

Designer McCormack in his Ovei:

The Ovei Pod at the 2009 Monaco Yacht Show:

The HALO 3 Gaming Ovei:

F1 Racer Lewis Hamilton in the Johnnie Walker Ovei:

Vince Fraser's 3D Ovei:

Vince Fraser with his decorated Ovei:

Vince Fraser 3D Ovei photographs by Christoffer Rudquist.

See Vince Fraser's promotional film for his Limited Edition 3D Ovei here.

Ron Dennis, the Chairman and CEO of the McLaren Group, sits in the Ovei 8 elements Wellbeing Capsule:

The Ovei pod has appeared in multiple exhibitions like the London Science Museum’s Fast Forward F1 technology exhibition:

The Ovei format creates a perfect 5.1 surround sound environment; the interior has an acoustic surface design treatment supported by optimal material density.

The main viewing screen is positioned at an optimal 60cm from the user. Where necessary, additional side and control interface screens provide surround viewing.

The seating position is designed to support the length of the body, reducing stress on the back for maximum comfort. The reclined position is surrounded by armrests, touch screen capabilities, work surface and screen positioning to facilitate the optimal work, play or rest conditions.

Ovei is a fully enclosed environment. Optional windows allow use within environments like schools, where a clear view of occupants is needed. As an encapsulated environment all external distractions are removed. This enables greater cognitive application to the task at hand.

Ovei is a plug and play device that can be transported and placed in almost any environment indoors or, in some cases, outdoors. Ovei can be deployed to remove the need to build traditional room environments. It is lightweight, easy to dismantle and erect, robust and hardwearing. It requires only 1m by 2m floor space.

The design and engineering of Ovei focus on creating the perfect experiential environment for the user. The team’s approach to technology is one of facilitation; Ovei can incorporate most types and formats of existing consumer technology. In instances where Ovei is required for a specific function, the design team has created bespoke hardware and software.

Modular Design.
Ovei has been designed for maximum application flexibility. The device accommodates one, two or three people by addition or removal of extension modules. The interior works on a modular basis, transforming easily between videoconferencing, flight simulation, diagnostics, gaming, marketing etc. Mobile devices are supported by updating the mobile device module.

Ovei offers a comprehensive suite of branding opportunities.

Window branding
Half exterior
Full exterior
Floor placement mat
Exterior Screen
Sponsors Placard Stand

Seating fabric
Table area
Screen, speakers, and control devices

Screen based branding:
Corner logo permanent
Star-up screen welcome
Sign off screen message
Banner advertising
Interface screen branding
Advertising Commercials

Bluetooth Broadcasting
Augmented Reality Tools

The Ovei team will work with you to configure, install and support suitable capsules. In exchange for sharing your findings with us, the agreement gives you market sector exclusivity to use Ovei for the period of the trial.

Demonstration kiosk showcasing software, hardware or media? Point-of-Sale? Promotional device? Brand-building tool? Creative workspace? Everything is possible.

To discuss your ideas or proposals and for full commercial trial detail, get in touch.


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