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Tattoos and Tentacles. Julian Murray Captures Inked People with Things That Squirt Ink.

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Tattoos and Tentacles is a new coffee table book featuring a collection of photographs of inked people, wearing very little except their body art, and draped in cephalopods that squirt ink (that's a fancy way of saying octopus and squid).

The slimy but sexy photos were taken by Minneapolis based Julian Murray with the art direction, digital retouching and layout by Lacey Haire.

Below is a selection of 20 images from the book, some of which have been cropped for this post.

Shopping for props:

Shooting the book:

The 9"x12" 144 page book in hardcover format has full color photographs throughout.

In addition to the book, 11 of the photos are available as posters:

Buy the book and/or posters here.

About Julian Murray Photography and Design:
Minneapolis based Photography and Graphic Design team specializing in the music, fashion and advertising industries. From creative concept photography, marketing campaigns and family portraits to website design, company branding, and print collateral + everything in between.


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Very cool- I was wondering if the 'props' were alive or not- eek.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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