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Art For Your Floor - Modern and Cool Rugs

Who says art has to hang on the wall?

Check out these pieces of art you actually walk on! If you are curious as to where to buy these or how much they cost, simply click on the picture above and you'll be whisked right to it! Ahhhh, the magic of the internet...

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Inspiration (or ways to avoid working all day long)

As you all know, there are a million impressive interactive sites out there.
Rather than waste your precious time searching, bookmarking, e-mailing to friends, and so forth, I wasted my time for you.

These sites are not only beautifully designed but also many go on and on, so deep, that you could literally spend your entire day clicking and watching, watching and clicking.

If you're doing actual work today and haven't the time to f@#! off, be sure to bookmark this and come back to these. They are worth it, trust me.

The most intense and mind-blowing of these is Nobody Here.

Fancy yourself the next Jackson Pollock? Okay, then start here.

You can watch a collection of fabulous films that all take place in an elevator, with a wonderful interactive interface called Elevator Moods right here.

Or watch the world go by right here

Love animals?
here's a beautifully designed site that doubles as a 2007 calendar.

Okay Dave. A very talented portfolio center grad who now works for Frog design in NY has a both moving and funny site right here.

Lit Fuse design (two guys in seattle) have created a fun interactive site with barbie dolls and GI joes that shocases their talents. Check it out here.

Wanna see where Subservient Chicken got their inspiration? That'd be right here. And yes, this site was first.

Don't feel like inspiration, but mindless entertainment? Or you're unemployed, stoned and bored? then check out The Boohbah Zone here.

Bored of Tord?

I know I'm risking having woodland creatures crawl into my home and kill me as a result of my mentioning anything negative about the hot designer Tord Boontje, but once a designer starts creating things for Target, the sheen dulls a bit for me.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Target and greatly respect Mr. Boontje. And I've got to give the guy credit.

What started out as a laser cut garland for plain light bulbs (the Midsummer Garland) and a laser cut curtain for those who can't afford doors (hee hee), The Until Dawn Curtain, has become a woodland creature empire. But I'm already sick and tired of seeing a lot of this stuff:

However, what you may not be familiar with is some of his variations on the theme. And that's what I'm here to show you. Below are some of his, shall we say, less attainable products. In other words, you won't find them at Target, or even Moss in NY, but I've got a few pics for you:

I'm sure they'll be in his new design book, available any day now (which, by the way, is 5% cheaper on Overstock than on Amazon and shipping is less too!)

For those of you who simply can't get enough Boontje (pronounced boan-dcha) Bounty, you'll find his ubiquitous curtains, plates, garlands and even tattoos at Unica, Moss, and of course, Target.

Worth a mention is the guy's own site. It's really beautifully designed, you ought to check it out here.

Wood, Wonderful Wood.

10 years ago blonde woods were all the rage. Maple, beech, birch, white ash. Then about 5 years ago, it was dark woods; cherry, mahoghany..Or, as you probably know them; java and espresso and chocolate wood, since most of the dark woods were stains.
But now, anything goes. And there are a million beautiful things made of wood these days. In any shade. Veneer, lasercut, bent.
It's a wood wonderland!

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Dish For All You Art Directors Out There

Thought those of you familiar with PMS (and no, I'm not talking about Aunt Flo, I'm talking the Pantone Matching System),

The hard-to-find Pantone Dinnerwear collection is on sale at 50% off right now at Fishs Eddy in NY and online (I've got the link right here for you, folks.. just click on Fishes Eddy.

Dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, saucers and mugs all with actual pantone colors and numbers on them.

This is no crappy melamine, we're talking porcelain. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Now, setting the table is more like doing a layout.

Driade Candles By Christian Ghion, laudani & romanelli

Unusual and beautiful wax candles designed by christian ghion and laudani & romanelli for Driade.

driade kosmo is the trademark that today groups all the objects produced by driade, defining a world of things strangely like our own. a world made up of exceptional moments that interrupt the calm sequence of events, of flamboyant characters and common folk, of artists, intellectuals and workers.

They're big.
They're bold.
They burn.
Me likey.
All available at Unica Home.

The Latest & Greatest: Items To Appreciate & Admire

Art, accessories, appliances.
A list of items that celebrate design, functionality and art.
Items to appreciate and admire.

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I'm getting dangerously Anti-Aviary. Why?

Well, If you've been even the tiniest bit observant in the past year, you'd have noticed how birds are everywhere. I don't mean in the sky, or on trees, I'm talking about as a design element.

Bird pillows, bird wrapping paper, bird wallpaper, bird jewelry.
At first it was sweet, then charming and now it's verging on absolutely obnoxious.

Don't believe me?
Just go to ThisNext and type in 'bird'. There are over 3,00 bird-related items on there and over 65 individual lists of bird products. Or etsy. Or, for god's sake, even ebay.

Admittedly, I'm happy to see the actual sport of "birding' increase, but must that be reflected on everything in the marketplace?

Cushion your butt for only $8000! The PK25 Chair

Okay, I've always been a big fan of Fritz Hansen furniture and the pk22 easy chair in particular. For awhile now, I've been vacillating between spending the some odd $3500 for that chair or not.

But now.... now they've gone ahead and are producing the pk25 chair. For a measly $7,920 dollars.

Oh, do tell.... what's a design whore like me to do????

The PK25 easy chair has a matte chrome-plated steel base with braided flag halyard.

You can, and should read more about Poul Kjaerholm, when you can. He designed the original version of this chair in 1952.

What a visionary.

Fritz Hansen

What the #$@! is Shopcasting?

For those of you who don't know what Shopcasting is (don't be shy, be proud of the fact that you have a life outside of the internet), I'll help you out.

Shopcasting is very similar to a blog, only in addition to describing or showing the item, there's a direct link to purchase that item.

I've listed some links on my sidebar where you can check them out.

If you're fortunate enough to find a site where the bloggers or participants have similar taste to your own, it can save you hours of websurfing, because they've done the work for you!


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