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Modern, Adorable and Affordable Lamps from BuoKids.

BuoKids is a personal project of Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve, members of “rqrstudio”, and children Angela, Carlos and Daniel who are their inspiration and who give the nod to their products.

The Burlesque Suspension Lamp By JVLT.

The Burlesque Suspension lamp by Joe Velluto of JVLT may strike you as a very odd choice for a lighting fixture. But then again, imagine it in a clothing boutique, fashion showroom, above a runway, in a giant walk-in closet, hanging in a fabric store, the right restaurant or master bedroom and it takes on a whole new appeal.

Inspired by the act of disrobing and tossing one's clothes about, the fixture is a mix of shirts, skirts and pants composed of fine silk and cotton fabrics over a methacrylate shade. Made and packed in Italy, the clothes that create the lamp's silhouette are accented with Swarovski crystal buttons, adding some sparkle to the very unusual lighting fixture which exudes a sort of backlit diffused illumination.

The Burlesque 3 lamp shown above is available from P&V Lighting, contact them for purchase information.

P&V Lighting
Via A. Meucci, 7
31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV)
t. +39 041.5937160
f. +39 041.4566672

See more of Joe's unusal work at his site

Lights That Will Turn You On.
And Vice Versa.

Lighten Up! The Best Lighting Out There

From Droog Design to Martin Guixé, I've found several unsual and beautiful ways to add light to your home. Above are 30 examples, click on each picture for more information.

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