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Cool Cufflinks Hand Delivered By Hot Women. From ARMREVOLUTION.

ARMREVOLUTION, a company whose stunning cuff links I had originally written about when they first launched is now offering the ultimate in valentine's gifts for men. Not only will they receive a pair of some of the most beautifully designed modern cuff links but they will be delivered by one hell of a hottie.

For this 2010 valentine's Day, ARMREVOLUTION will be offering personal hand-delivery by one of the ARMREVOLUTION Girls who stars in the first film from the brand, which is shown below:

As with the company’s “by appointment” service, this exclusive service will only be offered in London or New York, and the price is £10,000/ US$15,000. which includes any of the designs of the Perpetual Series collection in stainless steel including a travel wallet and a black acrylic magnetized gift box.


“Obviously this is not for everybody and £10,000 is outrageously expensive but when you see the film you will understand!” says Anthony Hayward, Founder of ARMREVOLUTION. “For a less extravagant way to deliver the ultimate cuff link gift you can simply order using Fedex or DHL for worldwide delivery. Also, our luxury cuff link prices start at an affordable £245”.  

 The Perpetual Series collection:

Their new 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold versions:

The promotion arrives soon after ARMREVOLUTION launched its bespoke service which provides the opportunity to purchase made-to-order white and yellow gold cufflinks for two of the most iconic patent-pending designs of the brand: #5 and #10. Their bespoke cufflinks are hand-made and highly personalized with engraved initials alongside the London Hallmark.


above: The engraving is done by their craftsmen in the heart of the City of London. Up to 4 UPPER or lower case letters can be engraved. After careful engraving the products are hand polished and checked before shipping. The process takes 10 days at a cost of £65. (optional)


Armrevolution: Luxury Cufflinks 'Recruit' Consumers With Style & Design

I recently discovered a new company that produces beautifully designed men's cufflinks. But don't call them a jeweler because they have positioned their product as .... ready for this? Arm Architecture (yep, that's trademarked) and they are asking you to join their movement, Armrevolution.

Now, if they didn't produce a gorgeous product and their packaging and site weren't so nicely designed, I'd be inclined to mock them mercilessly for their attempt at selling $750.00 cufflinks as a grass roots movement.

Above: One of the six designs in the Perpetual Series, made of the finest Japanese steel. Price: $750.00USD

Call it a "Marketing Concept" or a "Brand Image", but whatever you call it, it's cohesive, unique and beautifully presented. They even produced an online film and are recruiting girls for future Armrevolution projects.

After surfing their site and engaging in the aforementioned, the idea of joining the Armrevolution and sporting their Arm Architecture goes from potentially silly to somewhat appealing.

A new men's luxury brand based in London, Armrevolution, engraves a unique ID number into each pair of cufflinks, giving the owner instantaneous VIP membership in this exclusive club, assuming, of course, he registers his Arm Architecture.

Above: their online registration form, your entrance to the Movement

Each pair of cufflinks, er...Arm Architecture, comes with a nicely designed reusable magnetic acrylic box and lovely leather traveling case.

They certainly deserve props for their initial launch; the Perpetual Series, six stunningly modern, clean and elegantly designed cufflinks made of Japanese Stainless Steel.

Please click on the following images to enlarge:

They even have Armrevoluton Girls:

And an Armrevolution film:

See all this and more at Welcome to the ARMREVOLUTION.

So..... Are you going to enlist?

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